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Wipe New doesn’t just gloss over dullness

You didn’t buy your dream car in moss, burnt orange, or buff. You chose it for its glorious shining red, sunshine yellow, or Batmobile black. So why drive around town in a faded, weathered automobile? Wipe New As Seen On TV wipes away the years, giving your car a showroom shine and protecting it permanently. So instead of “learning to love it” or disdainfully accepting it, zip from here to there in a color that’s clear! In one swipe, Wipe New will make you love your car like you used to.

Cruising around in a glossy car used to be a big part of the American Dream, but today’s reality is a little duller. With gas prices high, environmental concerns, and hectic lifestyles, we’ve fallen out of love with the automobiles that helped make our land great. But even if your relationship with the road has changed, your desire for a truly stunning steed of a car probably hasn’t. Wipe New promises to give your car a showroom polish in one swipe. In moments, your car shines like a dream with luminous luster and clear, bright headlights to match.

One bottle of Wipe New covers two entire cars, so foggy headlights, and weathered, sun-damaged, panels disappear with the same great product. Bumpers, side-view mirrors, vinyl seats, decorative ornaments, and more spiff up in seconds, so you renew your whole car in one go, and never have to worry again.

Wipe New is the world’s longest-lasting car care solution. That’s because, instead of just glossing over problems, Wipe New restores shine through real protection to enhance any car’s coat. And it won’t fade with rough washing or rough treatment.

Wipe New’s revolutionary Nano technology uses Nano-polymer formula to penetrate deep and bind protection. And amazingly, that essential protection is guaranteed to last as long as you own your car.

Anybody can restore and protect with Wipe New, so you’ll have racing reds, eco greens, and simply stunning blacks looking brand new.

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