The Wackiest As Seen On TV Products Yet

Revolutionary! Amazing! Patented! As Seen on TV products tend to come with a lot of hype, though some merit it more than others. And while they can’t all be best sellers, like the Slap Chop or the Thigh Master, most genuinely make everyday life a little easier. Still, some are just plain cray-cray-crazy. Here are a few wacky, tacky favorites.

The Better Marriage Blanket

The brain trust behind The Better Marriage Blanket didn’t set out to make a joke, but they sure can take one. Today, they relish in the success of a peculiar product gone viral. A seemingly ordinary comforter, this odor-eating blanket is meant to absorb the toxic bodily nastiness that’s apparently seeping out of our bodies like industrial smoke stacks. According to the product’s official site, The Better Marriage Blanket “contains the same type of fabric used by the military to protect against chemical weapons.” That’s right newlyweds, even if it takes militant measures, you too can trade your spouse’s stench for sweeter smelling dreams.

The Booty Pop

Girrrrrrl, you better work! Not all of us are blessed with booty, but Booty Pop’s got our back. And in all fairness, women have been rocking padded bras for decades, so strapping on some junk in the trunk may very well be the next logical step toward an hourglass. And while padded undies may not be the definition class, they can at least give you a lot more shape around your, ahem, backside. You’ll go boney to booty in a flash!

The Pilko Pant

If you haven’t heard of Britain’s most beloved buffoon, it’s time you met Karl Pilkington, the profound mind behind paradigm shifting thoughts like, “Why didn’t evolution make a giraffe good at carpentry so it could build a ladder?” Host of the smash British travel series, An Idiot Abroad, Karl has now branched out into inventing, trying his hand as a pitchman for his own Pilko Pump Pant. Essentially a pair or standard cargo pants with a mesh zippered horseshoe pocket, the garment comes with a standard neck pillow insert. Karl promises zipping the pillow to your booty makes ever surface a comfy chair, and celebrates the option to remove the pillow and store your groceries against your bum. And what man or woman wouldn’t want a sack of potatoes or a rump roast on their rump?

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