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Tweeze Innovative Hair Removal Technology!Tweeze makes it easy to glow without any sting or stubble

Tweezing takes time, patience, and an extremely steady hand, while waxing is expensive and skin irritating. But no woman wants to live with unsightly or uncomfortable hair, so how do you make it vanish smoothly without the pain and hassle? Embrace the Emjoi Tweeze! The gentle Tweeze is perfect for sensitive skin so you can use it on the contours of your face, legs, chin, underarms, or bikini zone. Forget your drawer full of wax, lotions, razors, and tweezers, this one does it all, and it really lasts.

“I used Tweeze on my lip six weeks ago and it’s still smooth!” proclaims a dazzled customer. But she’s not the only one singing the praises of the Emjoi Tweeze. Women all over are finally discovering the honest answer to hair removal.

Patented Tweeze elliptical technology traps hair like a magnet, attracting it from every angle so you never miss a single hair. That means no more embarrassing strays—ever. Tweeze is so effective, it works 30 times faster than your average tweezers, so you can dust your cheeks, gloss your lips, and fluff your hair instead of agonizing away over stubble.

Tweeze gets at the root of the problem by removing hair from the base. That means no bumps, no roughness, and no irritation. Plus it’s so sensitive, that it can remove hair the moment you feel it! Tweeze is ultra portable, so you can take it on vacation, to the gym, or even store one in the office. Why be caught off guard? Tweeze puts you in control of your confidence.

Electrolysis costs thousands of dollars and regular waxing stings you and your wallet. Razor blades are cheap but pose a danger to you and your family. But Tweeze is easy. It’s tough enough to grab hair at the root, yet specifically designed to accommodate your most sensitive areas—even fingers and toes. The only place you can’t use Tweeze is near your eyes (because ocular care requires the utmost caution). It’s the safest way to nurture your softest skin and Tweeze costs the price of a couple lattes.

Tweeze Removes Unwanted Hair

Tweeze by Emjoi is yours for only $9.99. With your order, you’ll also receive a 30-day supply of Smooth Vanish growth inhibitor cream, to make your perfect complexion last and last. Plus you’ll have the opportunity to receive a new supply every month. With Tweeze it’s a cinch to smooth your skin for softness that lasts.


“With Tweeze, I have confidence that all my embarrassing hairs are gone and it lasts for weeks!”

“I used to use trimmers every day. But I used Tweeze on my lip six weeks ago and it’s still smooth!”

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