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Washboard abs in 3 minutes a day? Throw in arms, back, chest, and shoulders and you’ve got TorsoBall.

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You’ve dreamed of an in-home gym, but who’s got an entire room to spare? For sexy arms, back, chest, shoulders, and of course abs, you could end up clearing an entire bedroom to make space for equipment, as well as clearing your bank account. TorsoBall gives you the sexy abs that matter most in only 3 minutes a day. At the same time, you’ll tone your upper body to look tight and marvelously maintained. In fact, TorsoBall technology gives you twice the results in half the time of your regular workout. So it’s possible to get in a challenging, meaningful workout before work, before bed, or between classes.

Get Sexy Abs With The TorsoBall!

Think you can't get washboard abs in just 3 minutes a day? Think again. Torso Ball claims to sculpt your fat stomach into something desirable to look at. ;)

Put Torso Ball anywhere in your home or even in your office. Compact and lightweight, you can take it almost anywhere for a full-body, non-impact workout where you want it. And while burning fat can be tricky business, the TorsoBall work out burns fat furiously so your body shapes and tones quickly and noticeably. Lauded as the amazing “one and done” exercise, the ultimate ab workout can slim down and pump up all your trouble spots. It’s the express route to hot sexy abs and total personal confidence.

You’ll hit the ground running with the full Torso Ball kit, featuring Sling Shot Power Cords that make the program unique. Experts can strap into power cord mode to turbo-charge their workout and get world-class results. Beginners and fitness newbies can use the cords to assist in form as they build strength. The Sling Shot Power Cords provide a customizable difficulty ladder so you can climb to the top of your game with just one piece of equipment.

There’s no assembly needed, so just inflate your TorsoBall and get to it. It transforms flab without the strain of sit-ups and curls that can put a crick in your neck and create lasting health problems. Powergrip handles keep you safely aligned and off the floor where your abs benefit from an optimal training state. You’ll learn all the moves you need, including some that get up against the wall or any flat surface. The TorsoBall training DVD helps you master proper form and offers a variety of workouts to keep you motivated. Abs may be your main focus, but now they come with a side of upper-body hotness. Try TorsoBall.

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