Top 11 Best As Seen On TV Products [based on real customer reviews]

List of Top 11 As Seen On TV Products of All Time!

A couple of days ago our good friends over at Viewpoints (a consumer reviews website) wrote a post on their blog about the 10 Worst As Seen On TV Products of all time. We wrote a post of our own giving them props for keeping it real, added our two cents, and now we think it’s time to make a list of our own. Yeah, that’s right. But this time it’s a list of the Top 11 Best As Seen On TV Products of all time!聽Why 11? I guess just because we felt like it. Ok, ok, we just had to one-up Viewpoints post. 馃檪

So how did we come up with this list? Our Cool TV Offers staff scoured the web on trustworthy review websites like Amazon聽until our eyes bled in order to find out what real people (like you and I) are saying about some of the hottest, most popular, and interesting as seen on tv products. What’s the catch? The catch is that all of the products on this list have at least 4/5 stars and have at least 30 reviews from real people. We figure if 30 people are polled and the majority give 4/5 stars, then the product’s gotta be worthy of our list. So here we go!

1 – Heel Tastic

Heel Tastic Amazon Rating Stars - 4 out of 5

Heel Tastic Will Heel Your Dry, Cracked Feet!

Heel Tastic has always been one of our favorite as seen on tv products. From the moment it was introduced back in 2009, we knew that it would help thousands of people with their dry feet problems. What? You didn’t know thousands of people suffer day in and day out with dry, cracked (and I mean huge cracks), inflamed feet? Take a look at the “before” picture above. We know several people around our office that have feet 10x worse than that picture. Yuck! Ouch! There are tons of creams and “foot balms” on the market today, but none of which have had as good of reviews as does Heel Tastic. Take a look at what people are saying!

“I am absolutely amazed at this stuff! I have awful heels. In fact, I am constantly scrubbing, exfoliating, filing, and moisturizing. They are so dry and painful that it has often woke me up at night. I saw results with this stuff literally over night. For the first time in years I am not embarrassed to show my feet!” – Amber (Amazon Customer)

“I’ve used them all. I thought I had the best until I compulsively purchased Heel Tastic. Well, my compulsive purchase paid off, big time! The first thing you’ll notice is how easy and quick it is to put on. Your hands stay clean. My heels were bad enough that they could be painful when I was wearing shoes and sharp if they rubbed against my legs or feet. The cracks in my heels were so deep fuzz from my socks would get trapped in them. I don’t mean to give to much info, but you must know how well and fast this works. In the morning shower just scrub the dead skin away, it really worked that quickly. After three nights use my heels looked very normal and were so soft. I highly recommend this product.” – Amy (Amazon Customer)

Order Heel Tastic Here!

2 – Swivel Sweeper

Swivel Sweeper Rating Stars - 4 out of 5
Swivel Sweeper G2 Is A Great Product!

Oh yeah baby! The Swivel Sweeper G2! Stop by Cool TV Offers HQ sometime and you just might hear our SSG2 Buddy buzzing around! This product is seriously a great addition to any house, office, or anywhere you may make little messes that are too big to ignore, but too small to lug out the big vacuum for (which just happens to be a lot of places for us). The Swivel Sweeper G2 is awesome. We love it, and think you will too. Just an FYI: the G2 is a lot more powerful and lasts longer than the G1. Believe us, we made a video comparing the battery life of the two right here.

“I love this sweeper. It does everything it says it should, it’s great to have a product that actually performs the way it’s advertised.聽I purchased this because I have a cat and a dog, both create their own messes and this sweeper picks up everything, and can get into places my vacuum can’t. It sure beats lugging out the big vacuum.聽I highly recommend this product especially for pet owners.” – Mooselady (Amazon Customer)

“Fantastic product. I use it on my floors and carpets. It picks up more dirt and dust than anything else I’ve ever used. Plus no cords, long lasting battery, easily swivels and bends to fit under furniture and at odd angles. One button then dumps all the dirt into the garbage (you won’t believe what you see coming out!).” – Michael (Amazon Customer)

Order Swivel Sweeper Here!

3 – Neckline Slimmer

Neckline Slimmer Stars - 4 out of 5

Cool TV Offers loves Neckline Slimmer!

Sooo….about the Neckline Slimmer. Got a double chin? Looking to firm those neck muscles for a … stronger neck? We may have a few extra double chins rolling around the office, but I doubt any of us would admit to needing the Neckline Slimmer. More out of pride than a lack of necessity. Apparently a few people gave this product a go because 72 reviews (as of this post) on Amazon say that this product works for 4 out of 5 people. Apparently the Neckline Slimmer firms, lifts and smoothes your entire neckline in just 2 minutes a day. Maybe one of these days we’ll suck up our pride and give this product a shot. Reviews below:

“…I have used Neckline Slimmer now for five weeks, and I am amazed and happy with the results. First of all, I and others have noticed a clear difference in my double chin. This past week, at least three people asked me if I had lost weight, and the truth is, I’ve lost none, but my chinline is firmer! Moreover, a positive side effect that I did not expect is a very tangible strengthening of my neck muscles. This aspect is noteworthy and has helped me improve my posture and overall comfort.” – M. Kirtley (Amazon Customer)

“This is the real Neckline Slimmer by Paul Younane and it works great! First one I bought was not the Paul Younane and it broke, this one did not. Don’t be fooled by the other cheap ripoffs being sold, Get the real one even if its a few bucks more its well worth the price.” – Mark (Amazon Customer)

“I must say, I was a bit skeptical about the product, but I thought I would give it a shot. After first use, you should notice a slight soreness in your neck, that means it’s working. After the first week I noticed a slight difference and in 2 weeks I saw a very noticeable difference…” – Happy Husby (Amazon Customer)

Order Neckline Slimmer Here!

4 – Perfect Brownie Pan (3.5/5)

Perfect Brownie Pan Rating - 3.5 out of 5

Perfect Brownie Pan As Seen On TV has great reviews!

Boy oh boy do we love brownies. They make our heart thump like … well … other sugary food items. However we’re more of an “inside of the brownie pan” and “peel the crust off of peanut butter & jelly sandwich bread” type of group here, so we haven’t personally tested this one out, but apparently there are several people in this world who like to have crust on all four edges of their brownies, and they say that the Perfect Brownie Pan helps them achieve this result. More power to ’em! If you’re in the “I like four edges of crust on my brownie” category too, then this as seen on tv product may be just what you’re looking for. It sure was for these people:

“I was skeptical when I bought this brownie pan. I imagined myself scraping brownies from the divider after baking, and could not really believe they would pop out of the pan like in the commercial. But, after baking my first batch of brownies in the marvelous pan, I can assure you that it works exactly as described. I generously sprayed the pan and the divider all over with Pam, to be sure nothing would stick. Then I placed the brownie pan on a cookie sheet before baking. The brownies did not stick at all and came out in perfect little squares. It was the most perfect easy brownie I have ever made.” – M. Johnson(Amazon Customer)

“I loved the perfect brownie pan so much I just ordered 2 more. It does just what it says, the brownies come out perfect.聽Just be sure to follow the directions. I loved the perfect brownie pan so much I just ordered 2 more.聽It does just what it says, the brownies come out perfect.聽Just be sure to follow the directions.” – T. Andrews (Amazon Customer)

Order Perfect Brownie Pan Here!

5 – Ped Egg (Pedicure Foot File)

Ped Egg Rating Stars - 4 out of 5

The Ped Egg is loved by men and women all over the globe!

If we didn’t know any better, we’d place the Ped Egg in the kitchen category for one of two reasons: 1. The whole umm … “Egg” factor. or 2. The whole “grating” 聽thing kinda reminds us of a cheese grater. Turns out the Ped Egg is actually a foot grater that helps women get smoother feet. This is the brute force version of Heel Tastic (mentioned above). You basically rub this bad boy across your feet as if you were grating cheese (there, it’s out of our system!) and then poof! Your feet are smoothe like a baby’s bottom. Kind of an extreme and paradoxical process to achieve such a smoothe and innocent result, eh? Alright, we’re done making fun. The Ped Egg has helped hundreds if not thousands of women repair their dry and cracked feet and we have heard that if used with Heel Tastic your feet will feel better than they ever have. No, seriously. Just read some of the reviews:

“In the last few years I noticed that my heels were getting dry and cracked (not acceptable in my book). I used all different kinds of pumice stones and creams with no real success. On a whim I ordered the “Ped Egg”. I followed the instructions exactly and to my complete amazement, it worked! I saw a huge improvement with the very first use. Follow it up with pumice if you need to and some kind of creme or lotion to keep in the moisture. I have to say that I was skeptical but am really very pleased and happy about the results produced by using the “Ped Egg”.” –聽Tina (Amazon Customer)

“I ordered this product in hopes that it would help my poor feet. I was very close to taking a sander to my feet, but didn’t need to once I used PedEgg. One treatment and my feet are smooth and touchable again. I don’t snag on my sheets or bedding and I can wear sandles again without feeling embarrassed. I only rated this product a 4 because it doesn’t catch all the shavings. Infact, the shavings are like dust and the egg doesn’t catch them all. But I can live with a little mess and just put a towel underneath my feet to catch the shavings.” – S. White (Amazon Customer)

Order Ped Egg Here!

6 – Strap Perfect (3.5/5)

Strap Perfect Rating Stars - 3.5 out of 5
Strap Perfect enhances cleavage and makes wearing a bra more comfortable.

There’s nothing that we at CTVO headquarters love than a good set of … Strap Perfect bra strap clips. What? Aside from the relative difficulty that some women have getting these on [if anybody’s looking for volunteers to lend a helping hand!…] they seem to work great. Most women that use the Strap Perfect notice an increase in … “firmness” and shape. Most also say that they feel more comfortable wearing clothes that they couldn’t wear before because this product helps conceal your straps because you can adjust them to however is most appropriate for your outfit. All in all, Amazon reviewers gave this product 3.5 stars out of 5. Yeah, we realize it’s not 4 stars like we promised on the criteria for products on this list, but we figured we’d round up on this one.

“I love this product. Although it is somewhat difficult to attach, it works just as it is advertised. I wear a B cup and I am very boney so I thought that it would cause me some discomfort, but after a few minutes of it being attatched I forget that its even on…” – L. Sandford (Amazon Customer)

“These worked perfectly for me. I was worried, b/c I’m a big cup size (E), that these would make my bra too tight and give me ‘boob muffin top’! I had no problems! I just loosened the straps as far as they would go. I don’t know why people are having a problem putting them on, I pulled one strap down and slipped on the clip, then reached behind me and slipped it on the other strap. No problem! I can now wear shirts that I never could before :)…” – ActionJem (Amazon Customer)

Order Strap Perfect Here!

7 – Slipper Genie

Slipper Genie Rating Stars - 4 out of 5
Slipper Genie sweeps up dust and dog hair while you walk around!
My brother just moved into a new house with all hard wood floors. I can’t think of a more appropriate house warming gift than buying him a fresh pair of bright Pink Slipper Genie floor dusters! What a fantastic idea these slippers are! Aside from their bright pink nature I think my brother would quite enjoy them. I think they come in various colors though, so he may just be in luck. On a more serious note, we read several reviews from people on Amazon that owned homes with all hard wood in them and they say that they would buy these shoes for the comfort factor alone if for nothing else. People that own dogs enjoy Slipper Genie because they can dust hair off their hard wood floors all without having to think a second thing about it. Tell you what. If I ever buy a house that has hard wood floors, you can bet I’m in for a pair. Hot Pink or not.

“Love them! Not only are they comfortable on your feet- walking barefoot on hardwood floors is harsh on your soles – they keep your floors cleaner by picking up dust as you go about your day. I bought two pairs, went to buy another and the store was sold out! I want to buy more so when visitors are here they can put on a pair and help with my cleaning:-)” – GirlyGirl (Amazon Customer)

“I love my slipper genies. They are comfortable and clean the floor as I walk. I have 4 rescue dogs that shed a lot. These slippers help. I just toss them in the washer, after drying, they are ready to go again!” – C. Aiken (Amazon Customer)

Order Slipper Genie Here!

8 – Hercules Wall Hooks

Hercules Hooks Rating Stars - 4 out of 5
Easily hang pictures from your walls with Hercules Hooks! Great reviews!
We’ve never seen these in person or used them for ourselves, so we don’t have much to say about the Hercules Wall Hooks besides what the reviewers on Amazon have to say. Apparently they are a super simple way to hang pictures in a straight line and you don’t have to worry about leaving big holes in your walls. I have an oversized self portrait of myself that I’ve been meaning to hang up in the office for a while though, so maybe it’s time to break out some Hercules Wall Hooks! What do ya think?

“It is hard to get excited over a hook in the wall but these things are amazing. So simple yet so perfect for the job they do. I hang a lot of pictures and have always been annoyed at the options. These have changed everything. They are the perfect hanger. They simply poke into the wall and remove leaving the smallest nail size hole. I know it sounds stupid but I love these things!” – S. Wilensky (Amazon Customer)

“This product makes it so easy to hang pictures and shelves in a straight line and not have to worry about them falling off the walls.” – Lois F. Dinges (Amazon Customer)

Order Hercules Hooks Here!

9 – Forearm Forklift

Forearm Forklift Rating Stars - 4 out of 5
Lift and move furniture easier than ever! Great tool for moving.
I’m not so sure about this Forearm Forklift thing. We don’t do much heavy lifting around here, so we’re worried that if we ever had the manhood to strap ourselves up to these things our arms would snap like twigs. Just sayin’. On the other hand though, maybe we could talk a couple of our wives into carrying us around the neighborhood on a large sofa while we eat popcorn and check our email. Sounds like something we’d be willing to test out. A bit more “up our ally” as people say. Really though, based on the reviews we’ve been reading, the Forearm Forklift seems to make moving jobs about 100x easier and more efficient. Take a gander why don’t ya:

“Not to long ago I moved into a new home. I used the forearm forklift many times. I found it was ideal for moving big items, for example my 65″ projection tv, which weighs roughly 350lbs. Without the forearm forklift it took 4 men to move, with the forearm forklift it took 2!…” – W. Stevens (Amazon Customer)

“An amazing product!! A friend and I moved my entire house in a day. Its possible to move some very awkward and heavy stuff and works great on stairs, I highly recommend it.” – Michael Workman (Amazon Customer)

Order Forearm Forklift Here!

10 – Shake Weight Dumbbell

Shake Weight Rating Stars - 4 out of 5
Shake Weight has astonishing reviews on Amazon.
If the Shake Weight can’t get you off … your couch and exercising, we’re not quite sure what will. Could exercising possibly get any less effortless? All you have to do is hold on for dear life. Then watch as your flabby arms firm up. I always thought this was somewhat of a gag As Seen On TV product (no pun intended), so I would have never believed that it worked if I hadn’t read the reviews with my own eyes. Just take it from Kirk below:

“I agree with the other review…this works GREAT! My upper arms have become more and more flabby over the years, and within just a few weeks, I see a shocking improvement. I also do the 6 minute workout daily (because of the positive results, I am very motivated to keep doing it), and mostly while watching tv, since it’s an easy routine to remember. I also take it on vacation with me, since it doesn’t take up that much room.” – Kirk Waldorf (Amazon Customer)

“I do this everyday and must tell you at first thought I would give it try. Did not like what my arms were looking like. After 3 weeks I see results. I keep the DVD in the player and do it every morning. You think at first it is not really doing to much but the last of set on the DVD I feel the burn. LOVE IT!” – D. Kropf (Amazon Customer)

Order Shake Weight Here!

11 – Shake N Take Sports Bottle Blender

Shake N Take Reviews - 4 out of 5

Shake N Take Sports Bottle Blender

Just as we don’t do much heavy lifting (reference to the Forearm Forklift above), we certainly don’t make it out to the gym, or heaven forbid we go on a run very often either. But hear you us. You better believe that if we did manage to squeeze a bit of exercise into our weekly routine of sitting on the computer, we’d surely be taking the Shake N Take with us! This great product lets you mix all of your favorite fruit in it before you go running (or gyming) and you just take it with you. It has a built in straw so there is no need to make a mess while you’re partaking of the fresh fruity goodness. But just like all of the other products that require physical activity, don’t take it from us! Read some of the reviews from people who have actually put this bugger to the test!

“The Shake & Take Sports Bottle Blender is the greatest thing ever invented as far as blender are concern,聽it works great, its easy to clean and it makes great shakes. I highly recommended. GREAT FOR THE GYM.” – Rachel Vasquez (Amazon Customer)

“I bought this product for my daughter since she is a healthcare nut and she loves it! The best part is being able to put all incredients into the blender, mix, and that same blender becomes your sport bottle with a built in straw. I also purchased the 2 pak of extra bottles which is great, so we all can use it. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.” – Brenda Stassen (Amazon Customer)

Order Shake N Take Here!

So there you have it! 11 awesome As Seen On TV Products that have excellent reviews from a wide reviewer base. Let us know if we missed your favorite offer by yelling at us in the comments section below!

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