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First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! It has been an exciting year, with some amazing as seen on TV items, and the year is just about over! Before the year ends, however, we would like to provide you with a top 10 list of some as seen on tv items that you may want to snag for the Holidays, or to help you with your New Year’s goals. So without further ado, let us present you with 10 As Seen On TV Items that are really hot this holiday season! (Listed in order of Hotness!)

1. Heel Tastic | Buy Now!

Holy Smokes! Heel Tastic has topped our charts ever since the launch of the product in August of this year. Heel Tastic has helped everyone from house moms to struggling diabetics who suffer from dry patchy feet. Even after buying Heel Tastic, several satisfied customers have returned to tell us about their love for this product in the comments of our original post. If you have not yet heard of Heel Tastic, it is simply a formula designed by a (chemist) dry-feet-sufferer that was brought to the market this year to help with dry, cracked heels and feet. Heel Tastic will help you get the smoothe, sexy feet you have always wanted. If you haven’t been able to clear up your dry, patchy feet, then it’s time for you to give Heel Tastic a try.

3. Ab Circle Pro | Buy Now!

Ab Circle Pro continues to be a top-ranked exercise and workout tool throughout all of 2009. Ab Circle is compared to a treadmill . . . but for your abs! This neat machine will help sculpt and tone your abs. The Ab Circle will help you with any weight loss goals that you may be planning on making for the new year. This product is made of high quality steel, conveniently folds up to store away, and has 3 levels of intensity so anybody from the amateur to the body builder could find use of this product. We discussed this product a few months ago here, and here.

4. HealthMaster Emulsifier | Buy Now!

This is no ordinary blender. The HealthMaster emulsifier is an awesome addition to any kitchen. Blend up all of your favorite fruits and vegetables to make hot soups, and cold ice creams all while retaining the natural nutrients that the fruits and veggies have. The HealthMaster comes with a free recipe book and meal guide, so this would also be a wise product to choose to help you with your New Year’s weight loss goal. Here are a few places that we discussed the HealthMaster Emulsifier before this post: Here here, and here.

5. Wandarama | Buy Now!

Wandarama is a really cool toy that your kids would definitely enjoy for Christmas. Wandarama is an awesome wand-like stick that when turned on, makes the foil toys that it comes with levitate! Your kids will enjoy hours running around the house making their foil figures float and bend in the air. If you watch the infomercial, you will also see that the Wandarama can bend your tap water! Can you say “neighborhood bragging rights”? hehe. Make your kid the cool kid on the block. Buy Wandarama. We originally told you about Wandarama in this post a little earlier this month.

6. Mister Steamy | Buy Now!

Forget about that clumsy iron, and ironing board once and for all! Mister Steamy is the last product you will ever need to buy for fresh, clean, IRONED clothes! Right out of the dryer! Just toss the Mister Steamy dryer ball in the dryer with your clothes, and wait! Once you pull your clothes out they will be fresh and wrinkle-free! When you buy this product, you will receive 2 Mister Steamy dryer balls, 2 Bottles of Fresh Shot and a money back guarantee! So what do you have to wait for? Buy Mister Steamy today, and get wrinkle-free clothes tomorrow! Mister Steamy was released only a few weeks ago and has been hot (pun intended) ever since. Mr. Steamy will save you time, money, and frustration! Get it today!

7. Smart Smoker | Buy Now!

Here’s a healthy new year’s goal for ya: stop smoking! Easier said than done, right? Now Smart Smoker can help you kick the habit while still providing the enjoyment of smoking a cigarette. Smart Smoker is an electronic cigarette that lights up and emits smoke when it should, all without exposing you to all of the chemicals packed into a normal cigarette. Make sure you check the Smart Smoker website for all the health details, but I would dare say this is a much smarter, healthier way to smoke, and slowly ween yourself off the real, hard stuff. We talked about Smart Smoker earlier this month here and here. We also discussed a similar product called Smoke Assist earlier this month.

8. Big Boss Grill | Buy Now!

This product makes cooking any meal quicker, easier, and cleaner! You can stop spending hundreds of dollars on separate appliances like waffle makers, griddles, grills and omelet pans and just buy the Big Boss Grill. The Big Boss Grill takes care of all of that and more! This Big Boss Grill is even dishwasher safe! If you’re going to be cooking in the kitchen, you may as well make it easier on yourself by using the Big Boss Grill. This thing will definitely make life in the kitchen much easier! This product has been around since September.

9. Kangaroo Keeper | Buy Now!

Is your purse a mess? Do you like it that way? No Woman on this planet likes a messy purse and if there is something that bothers her more than a messy purse, it is exchanging items between purses when trying to match outfits. Kangaroo Keeper makes these issues a thing of the past. Just pack all of your feminine accessories into the Kangaroo Keeper, then put it in your purse! Want to take a different purse out for a night on the town with you? Just pull out the Kangaroo Keeper and put it in your “night out on the town” purse. Problem solved. Women have been crazy about this product ever since we originally told you about it in this post in September.

10. Brazilian Secret | Buy Now! (Offer has Expired)

How do those Brazilian ladies do it? Don’t make this awkward, you know what I mean . . . how do they get that full, sexy figure around their mid section? Maybe they were born with it, maybe they know a special exercise that works that area, heck, maybe they use the Ab Circle. Whatever it is though, it looks beautiful, and now you can have that full sexy look too! How? Brazilian Secret. This product is what you need to get that nice, plump (yet, thin) Brazilian figure – right out of the box! Read our original, full analysis of this product. Pretty interesting stuff. Come back and let us know how it worked for you. Before and after pictures are welcome. hehe. 🙂

Have a happy Holiday and take it easy! Thanks for making Cool TV Offers a part of your internet shopping experience.

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