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Go head over heels and save your back with Teeter Hang Ups

Whether you’re fighting severe, debilitating back pain, or simply want to enhance your spine and joint health through relaxation, you’ll go head over heels for the world’s most trusted back health solution—literally! Teeter Hang Ups EP-650 is the brilliantly engineered inversion table used by over a million people worldwide.

Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table DemoCreated by renowned engineer Roger Teeter, a man who once struggled with back pain so paralyzing he built a solution to heal the world, this table is like none of its competitors. Its flex technology is patented to give you optimal results that actually last. And no other brand match Teeter’s 28 years of excellence and 80 upgrades. Teeter Hang Ups is also certified to the highest medical grade standards to treat a variety of common health issues. Targeting back pain and joint health, this remarkable device helps rehydrate discs, realign your spine, relax tense muscles, and improve joint function and flexibility. Once suspended upside down, your body is better able to restore nutrients to regions that often get deprived. The overall decompression alleviates pain and relaxes you, mind and body. That’s why Teeter Hang Ups is great for the whole family. It’s a great way to unwind after work, or for teens to supplement their sports routines for safer, better results.

Teeter Hang Ups owners often report extending their ability to work years beyond the expected. Athletes love it because it keeps them in line with health and wellness, even after the roughest workouts. In both work and play, people with excellent back support can go longer and achieve more.

Teeter Hang Ups 5 Year Warranty!To help you get started, you’ll receive the “30 Days to a Better Back” program (worth $79) as a free gift. This includes an instructive DVD, a 30-Day Stretching and Exercise Guide, as well as a 30-day e-mail series to keep you motivated. You can also try Teeter Hang Ups in your own home, almost entirely pre-assembled, for a 30-day trial. $14.95 gets you started on the path to a better back—a pretty good price for a product that works where medicine and regular exercise can’t cut it. Plus, your inversion table will fold and store in seconds so it’s never taking up room in your home.

A study using Teeter equipment revealed a 70.5% reduction in back surgery for users. Simply put, Teeter Hangs Ups has the power to change your life for years to come. It’s one investment you’ll never question.


“I am over 63 years old and have had intermittent back trouble since I was struck by an automobile at 13 years of age. I would sometimes go years without a serious backache, but in the previous 12 months I had four bad episodes that kept me home and in pain for three to five weeks each. After five weeks of using the Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table, I’m surprised and delighted at the improvement in my back. I feel much stronger and confident after incorporating inversion in my workouts. I am confident that inversion will continue to help. Thank you!”

“My lower back had been somewhat inflexible since major back surgery in 1987. Then in 2002, my right femoral nerve was pinched and permanently damaged, which resulted in a weakened right leg and constant thigh pain. That pain was relieved soon after I started using the Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table, and now after three months is virtually gone. Your inversion table ranks among the best investments I have ever made.”

“I ordered my Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table, it showed up two days later and I really like the quality. I am a Mercedes-Benz tech, I’m on my feet all day and I workout after work, so my back takes a beating. I enjoy using this unit and I will tell all my friends, thank you for making something so affordable.”

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