Tag Away Skin Tag Remover As Seen On TV

Tag Away all those skin imperfections without the pain or the price tag

Skin tags are a nightmare. And the price tag of removing skin tags? Even worse. That’s why Tag Away Skin Tag Remover goes easy on your skin and your wallet. With 60 topical applications per bottle, Tag Away uses pure plant extracts to remove skin tags in just weeks. They simply dry up and fall out, leaving your skin smooth and nourished.

Skin tags are perfectly harmless, but perfectly embarrassing. To be technical, they’re icky, yucky, and can bring on the heebie jeebies. Tag Away treats your skin tags without any chemicals or invasive procedures, saving you pricey trips to the dermatologist. In a matter of weeks, you’ll see each tag dry out and painlessly fall off. And the topical homeopathic remedy actual helps restore smooth, nourished skin without any scarring. Approved by homeopathic pharmacists nationwide, Tag Away is formulated for all skin types and is safe to use as needed.

Tag Away’s key active ingredient, Thuja occidentalis, is a pure essential oil proven to smooth skin. Combined with nourishing plant extracts, it cleanses skin and gently wards off pesky skin tags. So while a doctor might cut or freeze each tag, you part ways with your skin tags far less abruptly.

While almost half of the population suffers from skin tags, which are actually itty-bitty benign tumors on your skin, most people just put up with the irritation. And while tags typically don’t change in size or severity, shaving and cleansing skin, wearing jewelry, or general chaffing can cause irritation. Tag Away gets rid of the problem, making life in your own skin a little more comfortable. From your face to your legs, don’t fret over tags! Tag Away smoothes skin and banishes unwanted (and yucky) tags for good.

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