Swivel Sweeper G2 VS Swivel Sweeper G1 – By Cool TV Offers

We love our Swivel Sweeper G2 so much that we decided to put it head to head against the G1. We liked the G1 too when it was … well … all that was available. But as is shown in our ultra-intense video: the Swivel Sweeper G2 beats the trash (pun intended) out of the G1. The G1 is much weaker even right after a fresh battery charge & lasts for far less time than the G2.

Even if you don’t care anything about the Swivel Sweepers, we think you’ll enjoy the video. At least the first 20 seconds if nothing else…

Swivel Sweeper G2: Roughly 42 Minutes (after a fresh charge)
Swivel Sweeper G1: Roughly 11 Minutes  (after a fresh charge)

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