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Tired of fumbling and bumbling in the dark? Ever feel like a stranger in your own home, feeling your way through dark passages or storage rooms? The creators of Switch N Light certainly did, so they developed a convenient, affordable system to light the way in any space. Unlike popular sticky lights that can be hard to reach and hard to find in the dark, Switch N Light is a wireless remote light switch system. Just grab and click. It’s simpler than pronouncing, “Let there be light!”


Chances are, you didn’t design your home’s lighting concept. That means blind spots and dimly lit corners probably cast a shadow on your family’s lifestyle. But with the Switch N Light wireless remote light switch system, you can illuminate bedrooms, workspaces, the kitchen, and even the garage. Imagine driving home and lighting up your surroundings with one button, right from the car! Plus, one switch can turn on multiple lights at the same time. And the Switch N Light system is especially easy to mount. Using a hook and loop, lights mount with Velcro fasteners for a hold that’s sturdy but easy to remove and remount. Otherwise, screw lights in for a permanent fixture.


Order the Switch N Light Here!Beyond brightening your day, the Switch N Light wireless remote light switch system can also help your family address some very common household hazards. Outside areas like sheds and walkways can be dangerous at night, especially when you’re caught off guard carrying garbage or a box of tools. Tripping or falling, wild animals, and even intruders can all be deterred by good lighting. Switch N Light can soothe children in the middle of the night, or guide the elderly on the path to the restroom. And, with batteries that last five times longer than most flashlight power, the Switch N Light remote light switch system is perfect for emergency preparedness kits. From stairwells to basements, easy to reach lighting can greatly reduce the risk of household accidents.


Because each light uses 18 small but powerful LED points, Switch N Light is ideal for updating your home’s décor with a modern glow. Today’s home style is warm and textured through the use of accent lights. Mood lighting directs the eye around each room to highlight favorite pieces of art or family photos. But unlike all those pricey home makeovers on television, you can transform your whole house with just dollars (and a little help from Switch N Light).

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Switch N Light works through walls and around corners and anyone can operate a simple switch. Easy to install and totally sleek, you can get two Switch N Light systems for only $19.95. For stylish, reliable lighting, Switch N Light has the price that’s right.

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