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Dr. Bader’s Pest Cures: Natural Solutions To Things That Bug You

Feeling a little bugged out this time of year? Every season seems to lure new critters and creepy crawlers into your family home. But now, Dr. Bader’s got your back with natural Pest Cures for every home. His bestselling book, Natural Solutions To Things That Bug You, eliminates pests without poisons, traps, or pesticides. Instead, enjoy over 400 pages of essential and fascinating tips to debug your bedroom, kitchen, and lawn. Among thousands of secrets to get rid of bugs, pests, and rodents, you’ll find ingenious and natural solutions, utilizing your own home pantry and items you already own.

Dr. Bader’s simple Pest Cures are holistic and humane, so you can be your own exterminator and exterminate crazy costs and service fees. Find out how to fend off the biggest, most dangerous pests like rabid, vicious raccoons and the smallest, fastest multiplying intruders likes ants and cockroaches. These super effective solutions use common household goods like bay leaves, peppermint, and cotton balls, so your pest control doesn’t become pesky.

Dr. Myles Bader is a national treasure and bug expert. He’s sold millions of books full of natural pest solutions born from his own expertise. So instead of spraying chemicals and pesticides in your own home, use natural science to stop pests in their tracks. Keep fleas away with an orange and scare off bed bugs with dryer sheets! And the most popular pest recipe? A secret spray to keep spiders away!

Don’t let your home become a top-rated roach motel! Tell flies, fleas, ticks, gnats, spiders, worms, moths and more that they’re not invited in. And for the tenderhearted, these natural remedies won’t poison or kill, they’ll just get unwanted guests to relocate: permanently. And since Dr. Bader’s Pest Cures are naturally safe, many families use them to learn all about life science and the world of bugs.

Stop bugging out by letting bugs in! Dr. Bader’s Pest Cures will stop whatever bugs you.

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