BackJoy Featured On LifeHacker!

We first told you about the BackJoy back in February of 2010. Since then it has helped thousands of people improve their posture and overall comfort. Just today BackJoy was featured on one of our favorite online news sources – LifeHacker! In this modern world that we live in, it is becoming more and more […]

Good Grief She Has A Lot of As Seen On TV Products!

Can you say addiction? We can spot an infomercial addict from a mile away, and this girl surly fits the mold. She seems to have just as many as seen on tv products as we have laying around here! All of these products have to be putting a nice little dent in her pocket book. […]

Happy Hot Dog Man – Have You Seen It?

Well, here’s a new one that we haven’t seen on TV yet. The Happy Hot Dog Man is a simple little piece of kitchen equipment that you slip any standard size hot dog into; it then cuts the hot dog perfectly into the shape of a man . . . but you don’t realize it […]

What Products Do You Spy?

Another day at the store, another set of photos of as seen on tv products! We’re getting ready to make a rather large purchase of some of this loot so that we can hook up some of our Cool TV Offers product tester panelists! Which products can you see? Have you tried any of them?

As Seen On TV Products Spotted At The Local Walmart!

We were shopping late the other night at the local Walmart and couldn’t help but notice all the cool as seen on TV products that they had available. Have you tried any of these!? We Spy With Our Little Eye:


So after months and months of ranting and raving on the blog about how fantastic Heel Tastic has been for thousands of ladies all over the world, I finally got my man hands on a stick of this supposed miracle roll-on foot balm for myself! Fortunately for me, I don’t suffer from dry, flaky, or cracked […]