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Get cooking and slice through prep time with Slice-O-Matic.

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Slice o Matic Makes Prep Time Fun and a Whole Heck of a Lot Faster!

Cooking feels like a labor of love, an expression of taste, and a chance to celebrate the bounty of the land. Prep, on the other hand, almost always feels like a chore. Slice and dice through prep without ever wielding a knife when you use Slice-O-Matic. Hearkening back to the golden age of life-changing appliances, Slice-O-Matic cuts right to the point—you loathe prep and it preps faster and more efficiently than the fastest chef. In half the time you can slice through all of your produce and get down to the part of cooking you love.

Thick and thin, Slice-O-Matic lets you cut fruits and veggies to order. And with perfect consistency you can enjoy evenly cooked meals without crunchy, limp, or rubbery morsels. Enjoy scrumptious soup, stew, or stir-fry prepared in half the time or even slice an entire bag of potatoes in a flash. Slice-O-Matic is as simple to use as your kitchen toaster, so anyone can get results in minutes. And since it takes away the danger of knife prep, even kitchen klutzes can get through the perfect prep safely.

Equipped with space-age features, Slice-O-Matic brings the nostalgia of the amazing appliance into the future. The catchall handle taps right onto any plate or pan for fast meals without wasting dishes. A deluxe chopping blade chops piles of carrots, celery, and even onions without the tear-jerking fumes. Propelled by a 30-point gear system, the precision cutting blade is guaranteed not to dull or damage. With an easy dial adjustment, you can slice your way to Sunday dinner or a simple smoothie. Perfect for apprentice chefs, huge hungry families, and anyone with arthritis or joint pain, Slice-O-Matic cuts down on hassle and gets dinner to the table on time.

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  • Rushed Wives and Mothers
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