Silk’n Flash & Go Permanent Hair Removal

Silk’n Flash&Go shaves your hair removal budget, with bladeless, painless, and permanent skin smoothing

Everyone loves a spa day, but not all aspects of our beauty rituals are glamorous. Hair removal is something most women keep to themselves, embarrassed and irritated by disappointing results. The Silk’n Flash&Go hair removal system isn’t just discreet, but it provides permanent results, leaving you with nothing to hide. FDA-approved and recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and stylists, Flash&Go smoothes skin in a flash, removing hair and stopping regrowth for good. With its extra-large flash radius, Flash&Go gets the job done safely, easily, and so quickly! Maybe that’s why women are buying out Flash&Go supplies all across the nation.

Makeup and hairstyling make you feel fun and feminine, but hair removal’s just a hassle. And while most women feel confident about their hair and makeup skills, nobody ever seems to feel in control of their hair removal regiment. Flash&Go is a professional hair removal system, designed for home use, so it’s a one-step process to smooth skin. Similar hair removal services cost around $2,500 per body-part. But you can do face, body, and even bikini with Flash&Go in your own home.

Using proven laser light technology, Flash&Go combines light energy with acoustic effect, which is selectively absorbed in the hair shaft, disabling future hair growth. Hair follicles absorb this energy while surrounding tissue remains at normal body temperature, allowing for healthy hair removal, painlessly.

Celebrated in Self, Elle, Allure, and Teen Vogue, as well as by Oprah, Rachel Ray, and the ladies at Today, Flash&Go is smoothing the nation! It’s discreet and private, with no waxing, tweezing, or shaving, ever! So instead of second-guessing, you’re always ready to take on the office, date night, or even the beach. Plus, Flash&Go comes with a revolutionary smart sensor that prevents mistakes and protects delicate skin.

Get in the groove of smooth with Flash&Go!

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