Sift & Toss Simple Kitty Litter Removal System

Sift and Toss Litter Liner is a one-step alternative to stooping and scooping in the litterbox

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Having cats isn’t always cute and cuddly. But how do you look Mr. Waffles in the eye and tell him the truth about his stinky litterbox? Now, you can keep it clean without the drama with Sift and Toss Litter Liners. Just line your litterbox with Sift and Toss, pull, and toss. It makes sifting a sitch, so stooping and scooping get thrown out with the garbage!

Clunky automatic-cleaning litterboxes make a lot of noise, take up a lot of space, and cost a lot of dough. Sift and Toss is a simpler, more affordable everyday solution for people who love cats but hate litter duty. Just pop a Sift and Toss Litter Liner into your cat’s box and pour in the litter. When it’s time to clean it, simply lift the liner slowly, letting any waste catch in the mesh net. Then, just toss the waste. Your Sift and Toss order comes complete with odorless bags to contain any unpleasant smells.

Using the magic of mesh, Sift and Toss let’s you clean any litterbox in seconds, even with multiple cats. It’s safer and cleaner too, so you never have any accidental waste contact. And, since it’s a single-step system, anyone can Sift and Toss—even kids and teens who like to gripe over time-consuming chores. Best of all, you can use the box you already own (and your cat won’t notice the difference).

Each order contains 28 mesh liners, 50 scent-free bags, 1 air freshener pouch, and 1 kitty-grooming mitt. It’s everything a cat-lover needs to keep your home and kitty a little more pretty. Stop spills, scatter, and the stench! Sift and Toss makes it easy to love even the smelliest and messiest felines.

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