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No other actress in film history stands for family fun like the widely beloved child star, Shirley Temple. Little Miss Temple began acting at only 3 years old and turned Tinsel Town upside down with her precocious vibrancy. Today, The Shirley Temple Little Darling Collection brings you the most comprehensive Shirley Temple library ever created. Featuring 18 classic family films, it’s the perfect gift for enthusiasts, as well as a great way to start a new tradition in your home. You’ll get all the singing, all the dancing, and all the enchantment in this timeless, wholesome family collection.

Born Shirley Jane Temple on April 23, 1928, little Shirley began her film career at the unbelievable age of 3, which was nearly unheard of in an also infantine Hollywood. But Shirley Temple was about to break barriers and come glowing into the corners of every cinema around the nation. By 1934 she had her first super hit film, Bright Eyes and established herself as a true superstar, receiving a special Academy Award just a year later. Her supportive mother carefully styled Shirley’s hair into her signature ringlets (inspired by the locks of Mary Pickford), helping cement her icon status. She had made so many beloved classics as a child, that the starlet officially retired at the age of 22, later going on to participate in foreign relations and humanitarian work.

Beautifully restored in black and white and color, this exclusive collection is sure to delight and become a cherished part of your family’s movie night rotation. Watch as little Shirley grows and flourishes into one of Hollywood’s brightest stars. The Shirley Temple Little Darling Collection includes perennial favorites Baby, Take a Bow, Bright Eyes, Curly Top, Dimples, Heidi, The Little Colonel, Little Miss Broadway, The Little Princess, The Littlest Rebel, Stand Up and Cheer, Captain January, and The Blue Bird, among many others.

Alone, each DVD may cost between $20 and $30, but for 2 payments of $24.99 you can own all 18 family classics forever. In troubled times everyone needs a ray of sunshine, so let The Shirley Temple Little Darling Collection brighten your living room and warm your heart. Whether you’ve memorized every smile, or will be enjoying the magic for the first time, Shirley Temple will give you hope and happiness.