ShamZees™ Huggable Pillow

Shamzees pillow pets combine the comforts of home with endless imagination

What quirky cutie gives a gobble, a giggle, a hug, and a wiggle? Even though it sounds like a tongue-twisting spell straight from Harry Potter, it’s actually the silly tagline to one of the year’s best-selling toys, Shamzees. These pillow-gobbling pets inhale plain pale pillows and fluff up to become colorful, kooky creatures. Featuring unicorns, pups, and tigers (oh my!), the Shamzees collection is sure to delight imaginative girls and boys everywhere. That’s because they transform any ordinary sleeping pillow into an extraordinary pal like magic!

With big personalities and even bigger tummies, each Shamzee plush pillow sham has an appetite for fun. And kids get a kick out of “feeding” their Shamzee with pillows. Once fully fluffed, your child will have a whimsical plush pal to take along on car trips, planes, and overnight excursions. And because they’ll need a pillow anyway, kids love packing their Shamzees for summer camp or sleepovers. It’s the perfect practical toy for comfort on the go (and it saves space by combining pillow and plush into one).

Machine washable and fit to any standard sleep pillow, soft and cuddly Shamzees bring super-sizes snuggles to any bedroom. Comforting for kids, Shamzees chase away bad dreams and fill young minds with pure imagination. And for every unique girl or boy, there’s an ideal pillow pal. Choose from a cast of characters including Candy Corn the unicorn, Bally the tiger, Poodalina the poodle, Munchie the mutt, Little Miss Dottie the ladybug, and Gobble the goblin. But don’t be surprised when kids want to collect all six for Shamzee sleepovers and parties.

Lovingly crafted, Shamzees are designed to combine the comforts a child needs with the fun and adventure they crave. Celebrate sleep, snuggles, gobbles, and giggles with Shamzees best-selling pillow pets.

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