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Scoop-It protects your hands so you stay in control of them.

On TV cooking shows, they make transferring ingredients from cutting board to pot look so easy—just one brush of the knife and everything’s ready to boil. In a real life kitchen, veggies fly and meat meets the floor. So why push it, brush it, or grab it when you can Scoop-It? The handy picker-upper lets you swoop, scoop, and pour your favorite ingredients from can to pan to plate without the mess. It also prevents the transfer of germs and dirt, as well as protects your hand from heat, odors, and burning spices. With Scoop-It, you’ll never chase spilled food beneath the burner or across the floor, because the safe, flexible grip makes you as graceful as a TV chef (and maybe a little less high-strung than one).

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Scoop It is the best hands-free way to move food in the kitchen

Made from BPA-free plastic that conforms to your natural grip, Scoop-It gives you freedom to put down the tongs, potholders, and pokers and get hands-on to prepare inspired meals. Prep, serve, and even clean up while getting the job done quickly and keeping your hands clean. With Scoop It, your hands stay clean and your food stays sanitary. Even avoid pruning and excessive drying for younger looking hands. Scoop-It protects your hands so you stay in control of them.

With ergonomic innovation and mitered edge for easy pick-up of almost anything, Scoop-It boasts an ingenious design with all the functionality of a bare hand (and none of the limitations). Release ingredients right into the pot with the open-ended pour spot then use the same hand to arrange sophisticated garnishes right on the plate. After a delicious meal, pop Scoop-It into the dishwasher for a refreshingly hands-off clean. Scoop-It helps you cut down on spills and protects your hands from the wear and tear of cooking, like heat, odors, sticky oils, and spice burns. It’s also the best way to serve scrumptious, sanitary meals without washing your hands every moment or two.

Since there are plenty of places outside the kitchen where you could use an extra hand, your Scoop-It order comes with an extra Scoop-It for household cleanup and beyond! Use your yellow Scoop-It for cooking, and save orange Scoop-It for picking up crafts, toys, and organizing the garage. Even pick up and arrange tacks and nails without the safety hazard. Get the whole kit for just $10 and get scoopin’!

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