Schticky Roller – Warning: Pet Hair Is Cramping Your Style

Schticky Roller advertisementAre you tired of trying to brush off your pet’s hair from your clothing, all of your different furniture items, and other areas but with only limited success?  Are you trying to avoid wasting hundreds of dollars a year on the sticky paper rollers, which waste a lot of paper and still don’t quite pick up all the hair you want gone?  Are you looking for a great product which will provide a complete cleaning, yet be reusable so as to save trips to the store, and thus time and money?  Then it’s time you got The Schticky Roller!  The Schticky Roller is a great new product which will revolutionize house cleaning and save you time and money in the process!

The Schticky is a reusable lint roller, but it can do a whole lot more!  It works on a myriad of different surfaces, allowing you to skip the switch from broom to vacuum cleaner.  It works on all sorts of fabrics as well, including cottons, velvets, wools, you name it!  It does an incredible job of removing unwanted pet hair and dander from your furniture and assorted clothing items.  The Schticky works extremely well in areas that would otherwise be hard to reach, or those which can be tricky to clean like curtains.  Due to it’s brilliant configuration, which includes a silicone composition The Schticky Roller is slippery and easy to clean when wet, but exceptionally sticky when dry!

The Schticky Roller is not available in stores, and supplies are running out fast!  If you order today, The Schticky will cost only $19.95 plus $7.95 shipping and handling.  As a special bonus, you can get the BIG Schticky free with your order, just pay an additional $5.95 processing and handling fee.  When you order The Schticky, you will also receive the Little Schticky, which is great for cleaning the tighter corners and spots around your home.  Don’t delay!  Order the Schticky Roller today!  With it’s ten year limited warranty, this is a great value, and you will notice the incredible savings you will benefit from immediately in addition to the great cleaning ability of The Schticky!

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