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Welcome to a page dedicated to nothing but As Seen On TV Reviews by real people. Every product review you will find here was written by someone who has personally tried, tested, and then wrote a review for us.

In each review you will read about the good, the bad, and usually you will find an overall rating about the product in question. This way, you can make a better-informed purchasing decisions about the As Seen On TV Product that you are thinking about buying. You see, as consumers ourselves, we like to have good, reliable information on the products that we purchase, before actually purchasing them. Is the product really worth its weight in Gold? Or is it really just a dud? Our As Seen On TV Reviews answer these questions.

Nowadays, As Seen On TV Products are released into the media with so much fanfare and buzz, that sometimes it’s hard to tell whether a product really works. We wade through the details, do the dirty work, put our testing goggles on, and then report on the facts for you.

Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball Reviews

Fushigi Ball Review by Upon opening the box and removing everything from it, I was surprised to notice the obvious quality of the actual fushigi ball itself. Im no Fushigi pro, but i know quality when i see it. The ball feels solid in construction, yet light and comfortable in the hand. Like the […]

Total Curve Reviews

Total Curve Review by Veronica I tried Total Curve for 30 days. I was impressed that it did firm and tone my post-children, pre-menopause breasts some. The quality of the cream is excellent, it is non oily has a pleasant smell and really did seem to plump me up a bit. The herbal supplements was […]

Ove Glove Reviews

Ove Glove Review by Marisa In the past 9 years since I have lived on my own, I have burned myself on tons of old, torn oven mitts, and it kinda makes me wish I owned my Ove Gloves a lot sooner. When testing out my new Ove Gloves I was able to compare them […]

Mighty Putty Reviews

Mighty Putty Review by Marisa When I first tried the mighty putty I decided to try out one of the demos they showed in the infomercial, which was with a broken, handleless mug. I actually had a broken mug which had sat in my cupboard for several months unused. When I mixed the Mighty Putty […]

Windshield Wonder Reviews

Windshield Wonder Review by Marisa Too lazy to read? Don’t worry, we are too. We made a nice little voiceover for this review for you. 🙂 The quality of the Windshield Wonder is nothing less than I expected. It is sturdy and holds together well under pressure. I definitely liked the product and plan to […]

Pasta Boat Reviews

Pasta Boat Review by Marisa One reason I hate to cook is the large pile up of dishes afterwords. Especially the large pots and pans, and the colander. By the time I’m done filling the dishwasher with my plates, glasses, and all my other daily dishes, there’s no room left to fit the big stuff. […]

Snuggie Reviews

Snuggie Review by Marisa Firstly I have to say, I Love MY Snuggie! It is quite comfortable, soft, and is large enough even for me to use at 6ft tall. Usually I have problems with clothes or jackets having too short of sleeves, and I am quite pleased the sleeves were long enough as well. […]

Turbie Twist Reviews

Marisa Reviews Turbie Twist If you happen to be like me, you hate to have long, wet dripping hair down your back or neck. Often times I like to let my hair dry naturally, but I hate that cold, wet feeling on my neck and the consequential dripping down my shirt. With the Turbie Twist […]

uGlue Reviews

Marisa Reviews uGlue Since I moved nearly a year ago, I have struggled with our rugs on a daily basis. As much as they were there to protect our carpets and look nice, it almost seemed like more of a hassle than it was worth. The rugs would shift, wrinkle up, and sometimes the corners […]

Blo and Go Dryer Stand Reviews

Marisa Reviews Blo & Go Dryer I have never been one to have the talent to self style my hair and I believe it’s because I don’t have enough arms. Finally someone made a product for people like me! For the first time in my entire life I am able to have both hands free […]