As Seen On TV Reviews

Welcome to a page dedicated to nothing but As Seen On TV Reviews by real people. Every product review you will find here was written by someone who has personally tried, tested, and then wrote a review for us.

In each review you will read about the good, the bad, and usually you will find an overall rating about the product in question. This way, you can make a better-informed purchasing decisions about the As Seen On TV Product that you are thinking about buying. You see, as consumers ourselves, we like to have good, reliable information on the products that we purchase, before actually purchasing them. Is the product really worth its weight in Gold? Or is it really just a dud? Our As Seen On TV Reviews answer these questions.

Nowadays, As Seen On TV Products are released into the media with so much fanfare and buzz, that sometimes it’s hard to tell whether a product really works. We wade through the details, do the dirty work, put our testing goggles on, and then report on the facts for you.

Heel Tastic Reviews

Kristan’s Heel Tastic Review Heel tastic worked very well in making my rough feet smooth. I didn’t care for the smell of it or that it is kind of greesy feeling. Before trying this product, I could not sleep without socks on because the roughness of my feet would catch on my sheet. After using […]

Crazy Critters Reviews

We just picked up tons of as seen on tv products to send off to our product review panel, and among those products, we picked up some crazy critter doggy chew toys. Someone around our office just bought a doberman puppy so we thought we’d give some first impressions and a live video demo of […]

Easy Feet Reviews

Cool TV Offers Easy Feet Review Easy Feet is an As Seen on TV Product that tickles in more ways than one. The obvious tickle that I realized when first trying out Easy Feet was the physical tickle of the brushes against my feet. I’m really ticklish, though, so maybe not everyone will face this. […]

Eggies Reviews

Cool TV Offers Eggies Review Oh Eggies! oh Eggies! How I love you, oh Eggies! What a wonderful addition to my night you were. Nom, nom, nom, nomming on my Eggies.That’s my Eggies song. I made it up immediately following my hard boiled egg splurge tonight. I just barely bought Eggies, and tonight was the […]

EZ Towel Reviews

EZ Towel Review by Today we had the chance to unbox and play around with the EZ Towel. And play we did . . . The EZ Towel is a compact, durable, white little pebble that, when applied to water, expands into a full-blown towel. The quality of the towel itself is certainly impressive. […]

Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter Reviews

Review by Today I had the wonderful pleasure of unboxing and fiddling around with the Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter. The big green tube seems to be made out of a really durable tarp-like plastic. It comes with a metal hook for easy hanging on a porch or patio. Just for those of us who […]

Total Pillow Reviews

Review by Today I unboxed a fluffy little cloud, known as the Total Pillow. I thought I might like the Total Pillow before opening it, just by the feel of it, but after unboxing the thing, I can say I know for sure that I love it. As a matter of fact, I’m using […]

iRenew Sport Bracelet Reviews

iRenew Sport Review by The iRenew (Sport) Bracelet has been a highly controversial product ever since it was first marketed to the masses. Some laugh at it, some swear by it. I think that it probably works for those who say it works, and it doesn’t work for those who say it doesn’t. It’s […]

Mister Steamy Dryer Ball Reviews

Mister Steamy First Impressions The Mister Steamy Dryer Ball appears to be a well-made product. Despite it’s simplicity (two bumpy green plastic half-spheres molded together, with white foam in the middle) the product is sturdy and I can easily see it outlasting the life of my dryer. The idea is that it steams your clothes […]

Chef Basket Reviews

Chef Basket Review by The Chef Basket seems like a really decent kitchen aid. Other than being a bit bummed about there not really being a knife in the box with the Chef Basket, there were no unexpected surprises. On the front of the box it says “Bonus! Amazing Chef Knife. Mail-In Offer See […]