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Do your floors look like World War II was fought on top of them? Are they dull and scuffed so bad that you want to throw carpet over them and hide the eyesore?

Well, don鈥檛 sell your floors out too soon. They may have some life left in them yet. The new floor restorer, Rejuvenate, is capable of bringing back the luxurious looks of the floor when it was new. The special formula seals and penetrates to fill in scratches in wood, vinyl, tile, and stone floors.

Rejuvenate isn’t a glorified cleaner. You should clean your floors before you apply Rejuvenate because you want to remove any foreign objects before you seal and protect the floor.

What kinds of floors can you renew with Rejuvenate? Almost any kind can be improved. Sealed hardwood, slate, fiberglass, marble, vinyl, laminates, concrete, no wax, ceramic tile, linoleum, and grout joints can all be made to look better when properly sealed and protected with Rejuvenate.

Features of Rejuvenate:

  • great for any type of flooring including sealed hardwood, ceramic tile, laminates, marble, linoleum, no wax, vinyl, fiberglass, grout, concrete, marble, slab
  • it is actually a Grout Sealer too!
  • instantly brings any sealed wood back to life
  • makes other surfaces showroom new, including Formica
  • no more dulling build up
  • fills in scratches, restores shine
  • one application lasts up to 3 months
  • renews, seals, and protects
  • makes your floors and furniture look Brand New!

Your Rejuvenate kit comes with an 8 oz bottle of Rejuvenate Floor Restorer and Protectant, which is enough to cover a room up to 165 square feet. You also get a microfiber mop, bonnet applicator, and a microfiber mitt applicator.

Along with Rejuvenate for your floor, you get an 8 oz bottle of cabinet Rejuvenate. It is a revolutionary polymer based furniture finish that instantly brings your cabinets back to life, no matter what they are made of. Formica, sealed wood, or any other type material, can be restored to look good as new.

Rejuvenate will make you say goodbye to those waxes that build up on your floors and cabinets and need reapplication every week. If you want something that brings back the shine more vibrant than it was originally, fills in cracks and scratches, seals and protects against water damage, fingerprints, dust, stains and spills, and does it in one easy step, you need to get Rejuvenate.

Not only does it provide the best finish for floors and cabinets, it lasts up to 3 months on floors and even longer on the cabinets. Try it out for 30 days risk free and see if you don’t think it is the best protectant you’ve ever seen for your floors.

If you think that it’s great on the floor, think of how you can use it on all your furniture. It’s good on end tables, night stands, table tops, mantels, and anything else in your home that you want to see look its best.

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  • Mr. Terry

    Thank you so much for the great product! I now believe that you really do provide what you promise. This Rejuvenate Floor Restorer and Cleaner really works for my home and furniture. If you want proof then I am willing to send a picture of my house.
    Keep it up!

  • Micheal

    Really? That’s awesome. I will forward this to my friend since I saw their floor and for sure they need this. Thank me later since I am now endorsing this to my friends. 馃檪

  • Your product seems useful for the restoration of floors. I am going to get it for myself, as soon as possible.