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Rack Trap LogoLadies, are you tired of digging through your bulky purse every time you need cash, a credit card, or your ID? Fed up with keeping up with your clutch or wallet – and wishing you had a more convenient way to keep up with your essential items?

If this applies to you – and you want a better, safer, and more accessible way to hang on to your cash, credit cards, and ID – you need a revolutionary new device made just for women: The Rack Trap

The Rack Trap is an incredible way to keep your essentials on you at all times – literally! It is an undetectable bra wallet that holds your essential items safely, securely, and discreetly inside your bra.

Rack Trap Sports Bra PocketNo more carrying around big, bulky bags that load you down and only get in your way. No more worrying about pickpockets taking off with your purse and your identity – leaving you stranded with your identity compromised. No more wishing you could go to the club or out to a fancy dinner without juggling cards.

Now, with The Racktrap, you can go hands-free wherever you want, with your essential items all hidden from view, but always accessible. It is perfect for all women, but especially those ladies who may not always be able to carry around a purse or wallet even if they wanted to – such as joggers, beach-goers, and women in uniform.

This bra pocket comes in three great colors: Black, White, and Nude.  You can also get a Sports Racktrap that is water resistant, sweat proof, and perfect for exercising for those women who work up a sweat.

In fact, if you order now, you can take advantage of a special sale and receive that incredible Sports bra pocket for FREE as a bonus! How much will The Racktrap cost you? Order now and you can receive 1 set of 3 Racktraps – one Black, one White, and one Nude – for just $10.

Rack Trap Color Options

Throw in the Blue Sports Racktrap as a bonus and you will receive 4 Racktraps for just $10 – a phenomenal value for a woman who wants to keep her essential items safe and secure and her hands free. You may have seen this product on Wendy Williams, CBS, and TheToday Show, and read about it in Good HousekeepingNow, you can have it for your very own.

Don’t delay, ladies – order your bra pocket set today and take advantage of a great deal for a superb product that keeps your identity safe, your hands free, and your cash, credit, and ID within reach at all times.

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