Pitchmen Season 2 Premier – Recap (With Photos!)

A summary of the season premiere of Pitchmen which aired on 8/19/10, shows Cold Fire and Hex Light as featured inventions. Cold Fire is a convenient fire retardant which is sold in a can for about $25 by Telebrands. It puts a fire out in a few seconds and is in a regular aerosol can. Firefighters and others loved it. Anthony “Sully” Sullivan tested it on himself by having his back set on fire and it worked great. It’s projected to make millions of dollars for the inventor and Telebrands.

The Hex Light was tested and redesigned to make it more appealing to women but it went back to close to its original light design, with 6 LED lights on a charcoal gray armband. People can use a hands-free flash light that will last many years. It’s bright and great for working in dark areas. It’s also predicted to make millions of dollars and be a big hit.

Both of these featured inventions, Cold Fire and Hex Light, worked great and are predicted to be winners and they have helped the inventors pay off their debts and make money and to help their families with medical bills and other things

Hex Light Product Demo – Final Redesign

Hex Light Demo on Pitchmen

Cold Fire Product Demo – Sully On Fire

Sully Demo's Cold Fire by Lighting Himself on Fire!

We’d post more pictures, but it’s getting late here at the Cool TV Offers headquarters. The demo of Sully being lit on fire and then demoing Cold Ice was pretty darn intense. We’ll probably post more pictures of this later. On a more humane note though, if you didn’t see the Hex Light, you’ll want to read up on this product. It’s a real cool arm band that has six super bright LED lights that shine straight on whatever you are working on. This was invented by a US Marine who was tired of trying to hold a flash light while digging a trench. Now he just slips on his Hex Light and he can dig trenches all night long!

We’re thinking of doing more of these live blogging sessions for all of the future episodes of pitchmen. What do you think?

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