Vince “Offer” Shlomi – The Sham Wow Guy

Vince Shlomi - The Sham Wow GuyVince Shlomi was born in 1964 in Israel. He made his way to the United States and became a comedian, and in 1999 produced with his own money a movie called, “The Underground Comedy Movie.” It would be kind to say that it wasn’t a success.

Vince sued Anna Nicole Smith and won the suit. She had promised to appear in his movie and then pulled out. She cited it would have hurt her career, which might have had some truth to it.

Shlomi was able to sell 50,000 copies of his movie by placing a trailer on an infomercial. This gave him the taste for salesmanship. With the success he had from getting the movie to sell, Vince decided to find something that was more marketable to the masses. He remembered an absorbent towel that he had seen when he was working flea markets and christened it the ShamWow!

Vince filmed the ShamWow commercial in the summer of 2007, and the budget was $20,000. It was amazingly successful, and many people felt Shlomi had presented a new version of the pitchman. His condescending and crass delivery seemed a new way of pushing the right buttons to get orders started.

Even with his success in the infomercial for the absorbent towel, Vince claimed he was not in advertising and he was still an actor. Of course, the acting jobs weren’t coming too well so he hit the airways in 2008 with the Slap Chop and the Graty, two kitchen utensils that had a close resemblance to some promoted by Billy Mays.

In fact, Billy Mays had an ongoing dispute with Shlomi because he claimed the ShamWow was merely a product that he had promoted before Vince started his sales of it. Billy’s product, Zorbeez, was tested by Popular Mechanics against Vince’s product, and ShamWow was declared the more effective of the two.

Later testing by other parties never produced a clear winner. In the early infomercials, Vince had claimed the towel would pick up 20 times its weight in liquid spills, and later that was recanted to 12 times its weight. Finally, it was decided that it should be 10 times its weight and that was tested to be true.

Vince’s Slap Chop commercial has gone through a remix to become Rap Chop, which met with some success, and Vince recently shot a commercial for Eminem’s new CD. Presently, he has not made it in the movie industry.