James Dyson

James Dyson - Biography of the Dyson Vacuum InvenetorCountless inventors go their entire lives with no monetary accomplishment for their efforts. James Dyson is an industrial designer who proved that it is still possible to profit from the creation of serviceable equipment. His best-known invention is the Dual Cyclone bagless vacuum cleaner.

In Gresham’s School of Norfolk, James was a long distance runner. In his own estimation, he was good at it not because of physical attributes, but because he had the tenacity for it and that in turn taught him determination in life.

When he was ready for college, Dyson attempted one year of art school before taking four years to study interior design at the Royal College of Art. He then moved into engineering which was much more his niche.

James’s wife Deirdre supported him on her art teacher’s salary while he developed his cyclonic vacuum cleaner. James released his first invention two years after his marriage. It was called the Sea Truck. After that he brought out the Ballbarrow, a modified wheelbarrow with a rolling ball instead of a wheel.

The ball idea had originated with James’s brother, and he used it again for the Trolleyball, which was used to launch boats. The Wheelboat was a craft that traveled on land and in the water with speeds up to 64 km/h.

Other accomplishments of James Dyson include chairing the board of trustees for the Design Museum, but he became disenchanted with it because the direction seemed to be something less than what he had envisioned.

Dyson and his wife own three homes in Gloucestershire, France, and London, and he has often been given awards for his accomplishments in design and engineering. He has many more inventions of success other than the famous vacuum cleaner, even though that is what he is usually noted for. His net worth is over $1 billion pounds.

In the 21st century, Dyson has released other inventions that were improvements on existing technologies. A better hand dryer was an addition that came out in 2002. A fan that moves larger volumes of air was another product of this century. A staff of engineers researches and develops new ideas all the time.

The James Dyson Award is an international honor given to graduates or recent graduates of design and engineering. It is funded and organized by the James Dyson Foundation for the encouragement and inspiration of future design engineers.