Anthony “Sully” Sullivan

Anthony Sullivan - the world famous infomercial pitchman!There’s a feeling that pitchmen are not made, they’re born, and that could be said of one Anthony Sullivan from Devon, England. “Sully” was always passionate when given the opportunity to demonstrate the latest and greatest gadget for making life simpler. On the streets of London, he learned to ply his trade and he became quite accomplished at it.

Seizing the moment, Sully got passage to the U.S. when the infomercials of the 90’s were beginning to be the way of the power sale. He was able to work with a manufacturing company in the creation of the “Smart Mop,” which was a global sensation after Sully took it live on the Home Shopping Network.

HSN recognized a talent and hired Sully for the Prime-Time network host position, where they kept him for two or three years before he left to form his own Sullivan Productions in Tampa, Florida.

Sullivan never lost what inspired him on the streets in London. He still wants to be the one pushing the new labor saving devices, only in America his stage and audience increased a great deal.

Anthony met Billy Mays, who also lived in Florida, and was the same classic cut of salesman as Anthony. A close relationship developed between them and they partnered in a Discovery Channel production called “Pitchmen.” Billy’s untimely death had a tremendous effect on Anthony, but he received a windfall of opportunity in Billy’s absence.

Sully is never the one to sit on his laurels. He remains active in his chosen profession and continually makes infomercials about products he feels he can stand behind, but when he isn’t filming or working on a new project, he goes windsurfing or surfing. When the opportunity presents itself, he can also be found in Vail, Colorado hiking or skiing.

Ever the competitor, Sully often is found in marathons or triathlons.

Anthony Sullivan is not a person who doesn’t appreciate what he has been given, and he actively supports many worthwhile charities. His plans beyond those contributions are to establish a philanthropic foundation.

Some of the items that Sully has advertised over the years and products he has represented are the Swivel Sweeper, Foodsaver, Arm & Hammer Baking Soda, First Alert Instant Alarm, Smart Chopper, and Smart Mop to name a few. After Billy Mays death, Sully became the spokesperson for the Mighty Corporation and TeleBrands.