AJ Khubani Telebrands CEO

Who Is A.J. Khubani?

AJ Khubani Telebrands CEO standing in front of as seen on tv products.From delivering the Paterson Evening News for $10 a week to making $11 million selling folding knives , Ajit (AJ) Khubani has gone a long way in life.

Now the CEO of Telebrands, the “As Seen On TV” consumer goods company, Mr. Khubani didn’t always sit at the head of the table; but he knew from the start that with hard work he could.

At sixteen he took a job that paid $2.10 an hour cleaning tables, bathrooms and vacuuming carpets.  He says that this is where he learned to work hard.

Khubani then moved on to a pizza deliver position where he eventually worked his way up to manager.  At one point he even entertained the idea of opening his own pizzeria but his father talked him out of it.

When he was twenty five years old, AJ Khubani made $200,000 by mail order massage slippers.  His father had introduced him to the idea a couple years earlier and he had broke even the first time around.

His philosophy in what to sell was simple.  They had to be easy to make, easy to ship and easy on the wallet.

Khubani developed the Ambervision glasses as his first product.  It was also his first commercial and the first item he was able to get into retail stores.  He sold over fifteen million pairs of these glasses.   He was on fire; the ideas were there in front of him.

The Stick Up Light and the Ped Egg came with help from others.  The Ped Egg was developed by a simple discussion his wife had one day with her pedicurist.  It was mentioned that some people had used a cheese grater on their hard calloused feet and bingo!  The Ped Egg was born.

AJ Khubani is truly a picture of how hard work and perseverance can put you at top.  From making $10 a week delivering newspapers to making millions and living in a fourteen thousand square foot house – with fifteen bathrooms!  AJ Khubani is an inspiration to America but doesn’t let it go to his head.  He helps at hi Alumni college Montclair State University and sits on several boards at other schools.

He is big into schools and teaching today’s generation about inventing.  He even went so far as to send a group of students to China to oversee the production of a prototype.

Something personal about the King Of Infomercials?  He has a weakness for high end sports cars and single malt scotch.