Pitchmen Season 2 Premiere Pictures

Here are photos of some of the many cool as seen on TV products that were shown during the season premiere of Pitchmen Season 2 on the Discovery Channel! This show is a complete blast to watch and a huge favorite of Cool TV Offers, so if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the episode schedule so you can get in on the next showing! Thanks to Discovery for this awesome show!

Hex Light Invention Going Through Changes

Hex Light Going Through Changes

Interestingly enough, the original product that the inventor created supposedly looked "too masculine" and because females are the main as seen on TV shoppers, AJ Khubani said they needed to make the design more feminine. This resulted in several design overhauls. They eventually ended up going back to a nearly identical version of the original invention.

Hex Light Product Sample

Hex Light Invention Diagram

Here is a diagram of the invention of the Hex Light. They had to go through tons of design revisions to get the product they felt good about.

Another Hex Light Sample

Somebody in the show remarks that the design they were given looks like a bumblebee. They weren't satisfied so they sent it back.

Hex Light Inventor trying out finished product!

Sully Shows Inventor of Hex Light the Final Design Revision. It gets the inventors approval.

Sully On FIRE! Cold Fire Product Demo

Sully Preparing for Cold Fire Product Demo

Doesn't Sully look just terrified? This is the part in the show where he suits up under all sorts of Kevlar and cooling gels to make it so that he'll last longer before being burned by the intense flames that will be set to his back. Looks like a mummy. No?

Diagram of Sully's fire protection garments.

If you can read the diagram, it says: gel - soaked nomex, gel - soaked nomex (2), dry layer, dry layer (2), Kevlar fire suit.


Sully running to the padded mat on the ground where he will (hopefully) be extinguished by ColdFire - the product that he is investing in.

Cold Fire Being Sprayed On Sully

What a crazy guy ... thank goodness Cold Fire works like a charm!

Cold Fire Extinguishes the huge fire on Sully's back with plenty of time to spare!

People gathered to watch Sully extinguished by ColdFire!

Sully making his pitch after the Cold Fire demonstration.

This whole demonstration was filmed by their infomercial production team, and after he gets extinguished by Cold Fire, he looks up at the camera and says something to the effect that he's glad Cold Fire works and that you should buy it or something like that...

Sully alive and well after the ColdFire demo.

Sully Survives the Cold Fire demo without a burn on his body!

If you totally missed the Pitchmen Season 2 premiere, you should read our liveblogging writeup of the show as it happened! We didn’t miss a detail.

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    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know as a HUUUUUUUGE fan of Pitchmen, I’ve really enjoyed your reviews for the show!!! I hope you keep it up. 馃檪

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      Thanks Karen!

  • Luke Carey

    I tried to order the hex light on the official web site and my order was cancelled after being backordered for 3.5 months. I was informed that they would not recieve a shipment until the middle of December, I like the product and would like to place an order, but can not seem to find anywhere to buy the item, any help would be appreciated. Thank You