Pitchmen Returns to Discovery – Aug 19 2010

Pitchmen Minus Billy Mays'

With the sudden death of Billy Mays’, we weren’t sure if Pitchmen would return for a second season. However, according to a recent Discovery Channel blog post, it looks like the show will be back in action with 10 full new episodes.

In this new season, Sully (Anthony Sullivan) tours the country and does “pitch-a-thons” to listen to the ideas of ordinary inventors to give them a shot at making it big time. If you’re an As Seen On TV product fan, you really need to watch this show. It’s interesting to watch inventors from the moment they pitch the idea all the way through to the time that they make the infomercial and then to see if their idea will really make them millions when they test it by airing the commercial on targeted television stations!

If you thought you were addicted to late night infomercials, wait till you get started watching this show!

Never Seen Pitchmen? Take a peek:

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  • David

    It’s very insulting for you guys putting a “X” in black and white crossing out Billy Mays. VERY INSULTING!!!