RIP Jack LaLanne

We were just notified by a very close source that Jack LaLanne, American fitness celebrity and motivational speaker has passed away. Jack produced two very successful juicer products. One called the Juice Tiger, and the other known as the Power Juicer. Our hearts go out to Jack LaLanne’s family members. You will be missed, Jack. […] Snags Jillian Michaels!

We were just renewing some of our websites the other day on and we couldn’t help but notice this familiar face! Jillian Michaels is the infamous spokeswoman for one of the best workout programs on the planet! 30 Day Shred! Just thought this was interesting. All I’ve got to say is that this Michaels […]

Pitchmen Season 2 Premiere Pictures

Here are photos of some of the many cool as seen on TV products that were shown during the season premiere of Pitchmen Season 2 on the Discovery Channel! This show is a complete blast to watch and a huge favorite of Cool TV Offers, so if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the […]

Pitchmen Season 2 Premier – Recap (With Photos!)

A summary of the season premiere of Pitchmen which aired on 8/19/10, shows Cold Fire and Hex Light as featured inventions. Cold Fire is a convenient fire retardant which is sold in a can for about $25 by Telebrands. It puts a fire out in a few seconds and is in a regular aerosol can. […]

Pitchmen Season 2 Ep 1. Parts 4, 5, & 6

Did you already read part 1 of our episode 1 Pitchmen Season 2 liveblogging writeup? How about parts 2 and 3? Yes? Well, read some more then! Fourth Segment The fourth segment of the Pitchmen Season Premiere says David Missell invented the flash light in the late 1800s. Sully talks about the newly redesigned Hex […]

Pitchmen Season 2 Ep 1. Parts 2 & 3

If you already read and enjoyed part 1 of our Pitchmen Season 2 premier writeup, you’re going to love parts two and three! Read below: On Pitchmen Season Premiere part 2, Sully returns to his office. Cold Fire (fire extinguisher in a can), is shown. Sully says prevention doesn’t sell in his opinion and experience. […]

Pitchmen Season 2: Passing the Torch (Ep1. Part 1)

This is a play by play of how the season premier of Pitchmen Season 2 went down! If you didn’t get a chance to watch the show for yourself, read and enjoy! The opening segment of Pitchmen Season Premiere shows clips of inventors and their products.  Anthony “Sully” Sullivan is the host of this show.  He […]

Pitchmen Season 2 Premier Tonight!

Are you as excited as we are about Pitchmen season 2? New Cool TV Offers! WOOOHOOOOOO! Tune in tonight! Learn more about Pitchmen on Discovery here. (Pitchmen Season Guide.) Episode 1: PASSING THE TORCH Premiere: Thursday, August 19 @ 9 pm E/P A former marine with a bright idea thinks he can revolutionize the flashlight. […]

Pitchmen Returns to Discovery – Aug 19 2010

With the sudden death of Billy Mays’, we weren’t sure if Pitchmen would return for a second season. However, according to a recent Discovery Channel blog post, it looks like the show will be back in action with 10 full new episodes. In this new season, Sully (Anthony Sullivan) tours the country and does “pitch-a-thons” […]

AJ Khubani (Telebrands CEO) – Demo’s As Seen On TV Products on Wendy Williams

If we didn’t follow the As Seen On TV Industry so closely, we would have never known that AJ (Telebrands CEO) was going to try his hand at being an As Seen On TV Pitchman himself! Just kidding, but AJ was recently featured on the Wendy Williams Show demo’ing some hot as seen on tv […]