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One Second Needle makes it possible for anyone to loop and thread in just a second

Order One Second Needle Here!Even expert tailors can get caught up on threading, especially under pressure. And while many sewers go their entire lives without threading pains, as their vision starts to dull they lose their sense of sewing mastery. But threading through tiring trial and error is yesterday’s news, because today there’s the One Second Needle. Just loop, thread, and sew. It really is that simple. That’s because the threader is built right into your standard size needle, so sewing’s always a snap.

Young or old, expert or novice, you can skip the frustrating threading process every time, so every project gets off on the right foot. Too many struggling sewers use bigger and bigger needles just to take advantage of their eyes. But using oversized needles can create problems in the aesthetic and integrity of your project and quite literally poke big holes in your success. But in one easy motion that anyone can master, One Second Needle is threaded and ready, so you’ll always get the best results.

Threading can discourage young girls and boys learning to sew, and anyone can get poked, pricked, or cut by an errant needle. One Second Needle takes away the trouble and risk. In fact, it’s so simple to use you can thread it blindfolded. Changing color threads is a cinch with One Second Needle—it’s an embroiderer’s dream. Forget about parking multiple needles, or leaving them lying around to avoid rethreading. It’s sew simple!

Free bonus with this productOf course, convenience can often mean sacrificing quality, but not with One Second Needle. In fact, it can bury snags and strands like no other needle, which is priceless to serious quilters. Designed with professionals and new hobbyists in mind, OneSecond Needle comes in two standard sizes, small and large, so even the most advanced crafters get superior results.

And while everyone loves One Second Needle, nobody is more thankful than the senior sewer. Impaired vision or a shaky grasp can make threading one of the hardest tasks in daily life, but the ease and convenience of One Second Needle can help turn back the clock.

For just $10 you can get 4 small and 4 large needles to enjoy and share. You’ll also get a free sewing kit worth more than $40. Sewing is a cherished life skill so take a second to fall in love with One Second Needle.

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  • Linda Hammer Burns

    I think this is a WONDERFUL idea but I need this kind of needle for needlepointing–which, as you may know, must be in different sizes based on the size of the needlepoint canvas. Do you have these? I would order them IMMEDIATELY and I would let all my needlepointing friends know about them. I even TIVO’ed the program about the needle so my needlepointing club could watch the show while we were needlepointing. EVERYONE AGREED–we need these needles. We are of an age but not too old to give up a loved hobby OR recognize a great idea when we see one. Please let me know where I can buy the needlepoint version of this needle. Thank you–
    PS I already bought the easy threader. I imagine that every equipment manager for every sporting team whether amateur or professional will own at least one of these not to mention every mother. I purchased one for my each of my children and my grandson. Talk about saving money–you didn’t even mention how much this saves on kids’ clothes!
    I am not an inventor but very much enjoy your show. I just have a lot of wacky ideas!