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Enlighten your emergency plan with Olde Brooklyn Lantern

They say that everything old is new again. The Olde Brooklyn Lantern combines the aesthetic charms of an old world lantern with the amazing light purity of LED technology. Powerful enough to weather any storm, its light is also a sweet homage to days gone by. Designed with durable metal and a shatterproof dome, Olde Brooklyn Lantern may look like a treasured antique, but it’s tough enough to stay with your family well into the future.

In England, they call their flashlights torches. Maybe that’s because, like ancient lighting, flashlights only illuminate a small and focused area. The Olde Brooklyn Lantern uses 9 LED ultra-bright bulbs to illuminate an entire room, campsite, or tree house. And those pure white bulbs provide 100,000 hours of strong and steady light. Even dedicated adventurers will have a tough time dimming this lantern! That means any emergency is a little brighter, no matter how long it lasts. And lantern lit patio parties can go all night long, again and again and again and again.

Perfect for power outages and disaster readiness kits, Olde Brooklyn Lantern is stylish enough to use in everyday décor. With its built-in dimmer switch, Olde Brooklyn Lantern can provide white bright light, or a soft, romantic glow. The LED lighting technology keeps it cool to the touch, so you can forget flames and lighter fluids forever. It’s the sweetest, safest way to brighten any family home.

Bring your Olde Brooklyn Lantern camping, backpacking, picnicking, or exploring. It brightens up any outdoor party and is a safe choice indoors and out. Even if unpredictable kids and pets knock it down, there’s no harm done. So you can add ambiance to any home, even a hectic one. Old world lanterns may be new again, but they’re also improved. Light up the night with Olde Brooklyn Lantern.

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