October Newsletter Winners

Decisions, decisions.

After much deliberation, our interns have narrowed the winners of our October as seen on TV product newsletter down to the following lucky ten individuals.


  • Ginny Beall
  • Candace Woodward
  • Del Cook
  • Maria Hons
  • Judson Corey
  • BretLynne Souza
  • Patricia Watson
  • Mary Kerr
  • Jennifer Lopresti
  • Kristan Meyer

The Swag

All of the above have won, completely free (including shipping), one of the following items. Whichever one they chose in the survey, of course.

  • Heel Tastic,
  • Crazy Critters
  • Eggies
  • Fushigi Ball
  • Easy Feet

If You Won

Email us your shipping address here within 3 days (by October 8).

Email this address if you're a winner!

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