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Are you tired of losing the lids to your food storage containers, or of having an incredibly messy, disorganized, and cluttered cabinet filled with mismatched containers and lids? If so, then, as seen on TV, you need Mr. Lid! Mr. Lid is a sensational new product which will definitely restore order to your chaotic container cabinet, and will make organizing storage items in the kitchen much easier and certainly much more hassle-free! This is a must-have for anyone who cooks frequently!

A cluttered kitchen creates an incredible amount of frustration and can really cause you to waste a significant amount of time looking for the right items! As seen on TV, Mr. Lid will put an end to the time-consuming hassle and will help you get organized in an instant! What’s more, Mr. Lid’s system is not only a great advance in kitchen organization, but the containers themselves are truly superb when it comes to their quality! They are leak proof, microwave safe, and stackable! Furthermore, they also are BPA-free, are of commercial kitchen quality, and are dishwasher safe! These containers are most definitely the best in the business! The very handy lid design, which keeps the lids on the proper container, is patent pending and truly unique and revolutionary!

Mr. Lid is not available in stores, and supplies of this phenomenal product are running out fast! Make sure you order yours today! When you make your purchase today, you will get the Mr. Lid set of containers, and then get another complete set absolutely free! You do truly get it all: you will receive six 32 ounce containers, six 16 ounce containers, six 8 ounce containers, and one 48 ounce deluxe container with a condiment container! With a sixty day money back guarantee, there’s virtually no risk, and the rewards of a very organized kitchen! Buy your very own set of Mr. Lid today!

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1. Is Mr. Lid microwave safe?

Yes, the containers are microwave safe.

2. Is the Mr. Lid system dishwasher safe?

Yes, the containers are also dishwasher safe.

3. What is the special offer?

If you buy one set of Mr. Lid, you get a second set absolutely free!

4. Are you paid if I purchase Mr. Lid?

Yes. Whether you buy Mr. Lid right now, or later, your price remains the same. However, receives a portion of sales referred by our web page. We go to a lot of effort reviewing and compiling useful information on the as seen on tv products that we share with you. Referrals help us keep our website running.

5. What happens when I click the “Order Now” button?

You are taken to a secure website that allows you to add the Mr. Lid to your cart, and then check out with it. The site you are taken to will also handle all customer service and the shipment of your Mr. Lid.

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All major payment
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  • JF

    This starts out as 10.00 per set, but til its all said and done, they throw on an additional 31.80 for ‘processing’ and take you through a half dozen screens trying to get you to buy aditional items. I will wait until walmart has them available.