MOBE Flask

Why MoBe maybe the best party accessory since the cocktail: it’s the flask without the flak

MoBe works like a flask, but let’s be frank: a flask is clunky, showy, and almost juvenile in its attempt at discretion. MoBe is sleek, black and doesn’t invite any attention that would be better spent on you. Eight ounces and metal free, MoBe carries the same amount of liquid as ye olde flask, but shrinks as it empties and fits comfortably in your pack, jacket, or hand, contouring to touch. First in personal discretion, MoBe doesn’t shine, clang, or swish around. With a black hood covering its spout, MoBe keeps your drink safe and sound at concerts, parties, and suave soirees.

Today’s clothes aren’t lined and cut to hold a smoking set and a flask, and who wants to feel like the Great Gatsby anyhow? Leave monocles and pocket watches in your grandfather’s time too, and grab MoBe. Whether you like being the life of the party, or prefer retreating to a cozy corner, you’ll always have your favorite drink on hand, even when the bartender doesn’t. It’s yours to conceal or yours to share. Spill-proof and stealthy black, MoBe empties flat for snug and easy storage. Plus, the flip-top spout pours accurate, clean shots, giving you all the control of the original bottle.

While MoBe looks nothing like a flask, it still gives every advantage to discerning social drinkers who never settle for the well or a less-than-legendary night. Great for camping, romantic picnics, festivals, and travelling, MoBe saves you cash, time, and the trouble of standing in line. Take your own drink order and keep moving. The night’s always young when you’ve got everything you need on hand.

Your beverage of choice concerns you and you only. Get MoBe for the flask without the flak.

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