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  • Despite it’s simplicity (two bumpy green plastic half-spheres molded together, with white foam in the middle) the product is sturdy and I can easily see it outlasting the life of my dryer.

Mister Steamy First Impressions

The Mister Steamy Dryer Ball appears to be a well-made product.

Despite it’s simplicity (two bumpy green plastic half-spheres molded together, with white foam in the middle) the product is sturdy and I can easily see it outlasting the life of my dryer.

The idea is that it steams your clothes dry, so that when they come out of the dryer, they are wrinkle-free and super soft.

My first thoughts are that if you move your clothes right from the washer to the dryer (like I’m sure most people do) then you don’t necessarily need to worry about them being wrinkled if you hang them up right out of the dryer.

Alas, us Americans are often times lazy, and need an extra helping hand.

So, if you do happen to leave your clothes in the dryer for a long time, to the point of them being wrinkled again, then throwing the mister steamy in with them would surely get the job done. I plan on using it for this the next time I “forget” to take my clothes out of the dryer immediately after they are done drying.

I wonder though if the claim that it makes your clothes softer, and fuller, as is shown in the picture on the box, is true.

I have a load in the wash right now and we will see what my thoughts are after I take them out.

I’d recommend making sure that you use the mister steamy dryer ball with a large batch of laundry, or at least make sure you’re nowhere near the dryer at the time, because the clinking and clanking can get pretty loud as the dryer ball is constructed of rather rigid plastic.

The product seems to do what it claims, that is, make your clothes wrinkle-free, and possibly even softer, by adding volume to the fibers of your fabric.

If you need a little something extra to help you un-wrinkle your clothes, and you’re not extremely fond of ironing, then maybe the Mr. Steamy is for you.

If you try it out, or have tried it out, let us know your thoughts.

Included in the box

  • 2 Mister Steamy Dryer Balls
  • 2 Sets of Instructions (2 of the same instructions. haha)

Mister Steamy Review by Marisa

Mister Steamy Dryer Ball DemoI am quite the forgetful type, and all too often I am forgetting my laundry in the washing machine, or even in the dryer. I’d have to say this happens at least 2 or 3 times a week. The end result it that the clothes I left in the dryer all end up covered in wrinkles. I am also a person who hates to iron so when I heard about the Mister Steamy dryer balls I was eager to see if this could be the #1 solution to my problem. I tested out the dryer balls two separate times and I have to say I was pretty impressed. Those little green balls really did as the advertisement said. All my wrinkles were gone, my shirts looked fresh and new and I didn’t have to do anything but pour a little bit of water and push a button on my machine.

The Mister Steamy balls were a little bit loud when I first started the machine, almost sounding like a pair of shoes banging around in there. But it wasn’t too long before the noise quieted down once the dryer balls had heated up, making the hard plastic nice and soft. Because my husband tends to hang dry many of his shirts they are constantly covered in wrinkles. I hate it, especially when we are going out to see friends or family. It is just plain tacky looking. One of the simple benefits is that it is 100% eco friendly vs ironing and using starch on my clothes. I like the Mister Steamy dryer balls, and I definitely recommend them. Out of 10, I give them a rating of 8.

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