Marisa Woolsey The Infomercial Junkie!

Infomercial Junkie Marisa Woolsey

Marisa Woolsey is one of our favorite product testers. She is by far one of the most passionate people that we know in the world of infomercial addicts. From Sham Wow’s under every sink in the house to Hair Dryer stands, she’s tested them all! If you want to know the truth behind any infomercial product, this is the lady that you should listen to. We recruited Marisa to be one of our product testers several months ago, and she’s written some great reviews for us so far.

Congrats to Marisa for making it on 20/20!

Marisa Woolsey is a full blown infomercial junkie! But don’t take our word for it, she said so herself! Watch her segment of the 20/20 Infomercial Nation Episode below:

Can you admit to being an Infomercial Junkie like Marisa? Let us know in the comments below! 馃槈

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