Luminess Air – Home Airbrushing System

Luminess Air puts professional glamour in your hands

Ever feel like you have to choose between full impact coverage and beautifully blended makeup you can take out in the daylight? Luminess Air home airbrushing system means never having to choose between total glamour and a convincingly natural finish. Celebrated as the first in beauty innovation, Luminess Air is professional equipment made easy to use for simple home beauty.

Dermatologist tested and recommended, Luminess Air starts with four foundation shades for every skin color. This creates gorgeous contouring and coverage any time of year. Your kit also includes Airbrush Blush, Luminess Bronzer, Airbrush Glow, and Airbrush Primer, along with a professional instruction DVD, full of juicy celebrity beauty secrets. You’ll also get unlimited interactive airbrush support for pro pointers and expert confidence.

Luminess Air combines the benefits of full coverage with the flawless, close-up finish of delicate, mineral makeup, so dark circles, fine lines, and ruddy blemishes smooth away without mountains of makeup. And with the fully customizable kit, you’ll select your perfect palette from a vibrant 32-shade collection. That’s means an immaculate match, any way you spray it.

Featured in the shiny pages of style bibles Vogue, Vanity Fair, Allure, and People, Luminess Air airbrushing is the sparkling future of brighter beauty. Ideal for everyday naturally radiant applications, or special occasion glamour; personal airbrushing makes high-fashion style yours for the taking.

But instead of investing thousands on premium priced airbrushing, your Luminess Air experience starts with a no-commitment month-long trial so you can enjoy the magic yourself. And while it’s true that most Luminess ladies get hooked from the start, Luminess Air offers affordable options for beauty that won’t break the bank. And your budget for imperfect makeup that ends up in the junk drawer? Spend it on some hot new clothes to show off your lovely, Luminess face!

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