JNL Fusion Workout DVD Set

JNL Fusion blasts fat without adding bulk

Being fit doesn’t mean you have to bulk like The Hulk. The 80s are long gone and today’s best beach bodies don’t look beefy—they look cut, lean, and hot enough to steam. That’s why JNL Fusion, created by international fitness model Jennifer Nicole Lee, is quickly becoming a worldwide sensation. Holding nothing back, she maps out every step of the journey from average Joe (or Jen) to fitness model, all in 60 days.

There’s no brighter star in the fitness universe than the super sexy Jennifer Nicole Lee. But JNL, as she’s known to the fit and fabulous, wasn’t born with the glutes and gams of a goddess. It was a long road from “just another girl” to “naughty body hottie.” Today, her total transformation and 80-pound weight loss has inspired thousands of men and women to earn their ideal bodies. And, because she’s been the frazzled, frumpy mom first, she knows what it takes to stay motivated in the face of real life. So instead of suffering through failed workouts and flawed diets, JNL wants to guide you to a fitness model body in just 60 days with a workout that works for you.

Unlike the outmoded, meat-headed mantras of fitness gurus past, Jennifer Nicole Lee emphasizes self-esteem and positive image for holistic health, mind and body. She doesn’t want to “pump you up,” as much as she wants to help carve out a new body and a new you. JNL Fusion includes 12 DVDs that blast every part of your body and build strength, endurance, and energy. And Jennifer brings sass and variety to every workout, with a core program featuring Ballistic Backside, Shoulder Shredder, and Crazy Circuit Cardio.

You’ll also get unique extras like a 14-Day Extreme Rapid Makeover for your big moment, be it a wedding, vacation, or the first day of swimsuit season. It flushes water weight and flub for a runway-ready physique. And fans love the Kiss My Abs DVD that gets you off the floor for ab-carving moves that don’t break your neck. You’ll also get helpful tracking tools like a workout calendar and measurement history chart so you can log your progress.

In 60 days, you’ll lose weight, blast fat, and build the kind of lean, tight muscles that look sexy in and out of the gym. So instead of bulking up like a body builder, men and women use JNL Fusion to carve out head-to-toe hard bodies in just 30 minutes a session.

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