A Holiday Shopping WARNING!

Warning - Buying As Seen On TV Products!

Consider Yourself Warned

Tis the shopping season, and as we mentioned a few days ago, there are several merchants on the interwebz that are interested in taking your money, and not giving you a quality product. Especially in the as seen on tv industry. As seen on tv products are so hot that as soon as one explodes onto the market, there are tons of knock-off products that are released almost immediately thereafter!

A lot of the time, these unauthorized duplicate products are sold under the SAME NAME as the original products, but they are often made with much less quality control and attention to detail. What does this result in? A lower quality product and a tarnished reputation for the original product manufacturer.

We’re all aware of the crappy reviews that are rampant in the as seen on tv industry, but based on the diligent research of our team of product reviewers and researches we are inclined to believe that a large majority of the as seen on tv products that get horrendous reviews are because the customer bought a scam (or knock-off) product without knowing they were doing so!

What about trademarks?

Can’t these copycat product producers be sued!? You’d think so, but often times, it’s just not worth the time or resources for the original company to press charges. Legal fees add up quickly, and these companies would rather focus on bringing other products to market. Just as in life, the early bird gets the worm in this industry.

Official Warning

So here’s your official warning: only buy from the original product websites. Be leery of online “as seen on tv” outlet stores that tout extraordinarily low prices. You won’t get your money’s worth. We only link out to genuine as seen on tv products from this website, so when you buy an as seen on tv product that we recommend, you can rest easy knowing that you purchased an authentic as seen on tv product.

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