Holiday Shopping Tips

Early Shoppers Are Happy Shoppers

ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays/Hanukkah/whatever your holiday of choice may be at this time of year. If you’re anything like us, you’re probably already getting a head start on your holiday shopping. And if you’re not, you would be smart to get started! If you’re buying an as seen on tv product for the holidays, you may especially want to make sure you order well before the date that you need it.

Here’s a tip: As Seen On TV product manufacturers are so slammed with orders during the Holidays that when push comes to shove, the first person that places an order gets their product shipped first. In other words, if you order your product at the last minute, you may get a delayed shipping time, and it just might not make it in time for the holidays! 馃檨

Be smart this holiday season. Get a head start on your holiday shopping. If you need help on where to find a product that you’re looking for, check out our聽As Seen On TV products page.

Shopping Tips

As Seen On TV Santa Claus. ho ho ho

As Seen On TV Santa Says "Do Your Holiday Shopping Early!"

  1. Don’t ship directly to the gift recipient if you don’t want them to know what you paid for the gift! Most of the time, the product manufacturers will ship the product with a receipt with all of the order information, which most of the time includes the price! Be sure to ship the product to yourself first, remove the receipt, then send it to the gift recipient.
  2. Watch out for As Seen On TV Product Clones! A lot of the time, especially at this time of year, there are manufacturers in foreign countries that try to duplicate the success of popular as seen on tv products and sell them at a fraction of the cost. Unfortunately, when you pay a fraction of the cost of the authentic product, you’re also paying for a fraction of the quality. These clones never perform up to par and give the real/authentic as seen on tv products a bad name!
  3. Order your products early! As we mentioned earlier in this article, the massive success that these as seen on tv products encounter often delays shipping times. The as seen on tv industry hasn’t always been known for it’s quick product shipment in the first place, so at this time of year, it’s crucial to order these products early in the season if you’re giving them as a gift! Orders are usually shipped on a first come, first serve basis! Shop early so that you can get your product in time for your holiday!


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Happy Holidays!

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