Hex Light (Seen On Pitchmen!)

A serious solution to low-lit work, the Hex Light is also perfect for play.

Order the Hex Light as seen on Pitchmen!Flashlight technology failing you? You’re not the only one in the dark. In fact, when the founder of the new hands-free light sensation Hex Light got his bright idea, he was waste deep in the mud trying to conquer a Marine training course in the pitch black with just a handheld flashlight. As it slipped and fell to the mud, Marine Eric Prater picked up the clunky light and steadied it with his mouth. Sound familiar? Maybe not, but think of the last time you got caught in a sticky situation without a free hand to manage a light source. Maybe it was routine maintenance or an outdoor adventure, but chances are you wished you had a bright and constant light on your side.

Hex Light is the adjustable, durable, always reliable answer to a handless flashlight. Sure there’s head lamps, but they aren’t practical for everyday, extended wear, and they don’t give you the close up, evenly distributed LED glow of the Hex Light. Once you slip it onto your forearm, there’s no fussing—just the brightest, most focused light streaming wherever you point or touch. With six LED lights spaced evenly around the lightweight band, anyone can use the Hex Light with accuracy and comfort. For plumbers and mechanics, it’s the best innovation in years, and campers and outdoor enthusiasts won’t want to leave home without it. People across the country are even redefining sports and recreation using the Hex Light for midnight team sports and capture the flag marathons.

Beyond simply seeing, the Hex Light is also perfect for being seen. Runners and bikers no longer need solely rely on awkward and unreliable reflectors as they can now be seen clearly, even from a distance. Dog walking and late night returns from school are so much safer when the kids are clearly visible. The Hex Light is perfect for lighting the way home, plus it’s completely comfortable and flexible.

While many people spend a fortune on heavy flashlights that lose their luster over time, you can get the durable Hex Light for $19.99. The manufacturers will even throw in a second HexLight to share with your family or give as a gift, as well as the amazing Stick ‘N Click light set (six of them total, which adds up to a $40 value in all). Just pop them into place wherever you like for easy, no connection light! And, while most flashlights eat up batteries, the HexLight is powered by a single 9 Volt to save you trouble and money in the long run. That’s a good thing, because once your Hex Light flips on, you’ll see how, from productivity to playtime, it illuminates your life.

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