Happy Hot Dog Man – Have You Seen It?

Well, here’s a new one that we haven’t seen on TV yet. The Happy Hot Dog Man is a simple little piece of kitchen equipment that you slip any standard size hot dog into; it then cuts the hot dog perfectly into the shape of a man . . . but you don’t realize it until you boil it. Apparently the cuts that are made with the Happy Hot Dog Man make your hot dogs so they turn into hot dog men. haha. Anybody got any sample pictures? Better yet, how about a sample for us to taste test?

I doubt this product has much staying power for the mass markets, but I guess you never know. Good grief, who would have thought that the Shame Wow would have sold so well? If Sully took his time to make an infomercial for this product, then there’s a decent chance that it will do quite well.

This is where you come in, friendly reader of our very cool website. Have you seen the Happy Hot Dog Man infomercial on TV? We haven’t, and that could only mean a few things.

A couple of quick assumptions would be that a. the Happy Hot Dog Man flopped in preliminary market testing. b. the preliminary market testing is not yet concluded. or c. the product is killing it in other areas of the world, but market research told these marketers to not blast the airwaves of Utah with this product. I wouldn’t guess that the latter would be the case though. There are enough parent-nagging kids in Utah alone to make this product a massive success. It would be interesting to know how this product does (or did) though . . .

We will keep our eyes open, and you do the same.

For now, enjoy the making of the Happy Hot Dog Man infomercial behind the scenes. Sully is his charming self as usual.

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