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Shake, rattle, and roll, nothing spills with Gyro Bowl

Gyro Bowl LogoPacking snacks for the family can be a hassle—reusable cups and bowls always seem to topple while zip-close baggies can break open and create waste. And let’s face it, there’s a chaos theory with kids: if something can spill, it probably will. That’s why today’s hip moms and dads are wise to the Gyro Bowl, the world’s first totally 100% spill-proof, undeniably kid-proof snack solution. Its special technology features an inner bowl rotating 360 degrees within an outer shell. Kids and adults love the fun space age design, perfect for holding healthy snacks like fruit and raisins, as well as crackers, sweets, cereal, and even pudding. Spin, rattle, or roll it, the Gyro Bowl just won’t spill.

Gyro Bowl Product DemoForget cleaning up and making a fuss over spills and stains every day. Gyro Bowl will cut down on the time you spend vacuuming the car and reaching under furniture after dropped goodies. Your car and home can start to look like they did before you had kids. Perfect for after-school snacks, daycare munchies, road trip nutrition, or calming church treats, Gyro Bowl helps keep your kids calm and quiet. Even in the most boring or hectic situations, a simple snack is proven to relax your little ones. And now you can relax too, because there’s never a mess.

Dishwasher safe and virtually indestructible, your Gyro Bowl is easy to clean and you can reuse it day in, day out. That means no more wasting the household budget on single-use containers and no more feeling guilty about the garbage. Plus, every Gyro Bowl comes with a handy stay-fresh lid, to keep un-enjoyed snacks fresh until next time.

Of course, children aren’t the only one who get a kick out of Gyro Bowl and oftentimes parents who purchase one quickly get more for all kinds of uses. Perfect for pushpins, paper clips, and other office supplies, the Gyro Bowl is a clean organizational solution for your desk that doubles as a conversation piece. It’s also ideal for bringing dips and snacks to parties and potlucks.

Baby Holding Gyro BowlLuckily, when you buy one Gyro Bowl now, you’ll get a second one totally free. That means you only pay $14.99 for a set of two! That also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you’re not dazzled with your Gyro Bowl you’ll receive a refund. Your kids will love the bright, eye-catching Gyro Bowl, and you only have the spills to lose.

Testimonials & Reviews

“We absolutely love this bowl and are planning to get a few more of them. My 18 month old uses this bowl for her snack every day and, while it doesn’t prevent 100% of spills (it was never intended to), I bet we avoid somewhere between 80-90 percent of the spills we would get with a regular bowl. She walks all over the house with her snack and rarely do we have a spill (much to the dogs dismay!). The bowl is also easy for her to hold. “

“The Loopa Gyro bowl is fun for toddlers. It’s like a toy kids can eat out of. It’s function is supposed to be that the contents don’t spill as easily as a regular bowl. It’s only good for dry foods such as cereal, fruit, etc.. obviously, since liquid would spill regardless. The kids give it 5 stars!”

“I bought this for my brother as a joke. However, he actually uses it when he wants to eat dry cereal, craisins, and other small dry things…”

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