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Fushigi Ball in Product BoxIf you’ve always been fascinated by gravity-defying tricks, but find them too complicated to learn get the As Seen On TV Fushigi Ball!  The Fushigi Ball is the amazing magic gravity ball.  It mesmerizes the mind and confuses the senses.  You will defy gravity with the Fushigi Ball.

Amaze friends and family with the tricks you can do with the Fushigi Ball.  Everyone loves the art of Fushigi.  Fushigi is a form of contact juggling where the operator exploits reflective properties.  Everyone watching you will be amazed at what you can do with the Fushigi Ball.  You can unlock the secrets of Fushigi with the Fushigi Ball.

Perform These Tricks!

  • The prayer cross
  • The enigma
  • Levitation
  • And many, many more

Anyone can use it!  Young or old, big or small, anyone can Fushigi!  Make the Fushigi Ball defy gravity and appear to float mid-air.  Plus, Fushigi is relaxing and therapeutic. There have been several people who have used this magical sphere who claim that it helps relax their mind, and enhance their senses. Master the art of Fushigi and even learn to use more than one at a time.  It’s amazing!

Real People Trying Fushigi Ball!Have fun learning to Fushigi, teach others your tricks, even children can use it.  Fushigi is a way to make new friends; people will be amazed when they see you defying gravity with your Fushigi Ball!  Make it float!  Make it defy gravity!  The Fushigi Ball has endless possibilities.  It is only limited by your imagination.

Check out our Fushigi Ball Video Review.

You can finally wow your friends and family with these amazing tricks.  Entertain at family get-togethers and parties with the FushigiBall.  And then let everyone else try it so they can fall in love with the ancient art too.

Whether you want to learn the Prayer Cross or the Enigma, or you want to come up with some tricks of your own, the Fushigi Ball will provide you with hours of entertainment.  It’s easy and fun to use.  Anyone can master the art of Fushigi.  Which is why you should try it for yourself!  Defy gravity, make it float, have fun with the Fushigi Ball.


I got this for my two son’s and they both loved making the fushigi balls float. The DVD was instrumental in teaching them, and once they got the hang of it, it was almost like watching Chris Angel live from the living room! 🙂


[jwplayer config=”myplayer” file=”http://asseenontvdemo.com/infomercials/fushigi-magic-gravity-defying-ball-infomercial.flv” image=http://cooltvoffers.com/images/fushigi-infomercial.jpg]

  • For further info on this art form: http://www.contactjuggling.org

  • Steve

    The appearance of a floating ball is an illusion that’s been around for at least 20 years, thus the “magic” angle to this product. The balls are made of acrylic, a very hard plastic, and appear to float like bubbles if you put in the time and effort.

    From what I understand, Michael Moschen was the first to pioneer the use of these acrylic balls which the Fushigi marketers have decided to call their own, while also laying claim to the art form that has existed for decades, and in some cases, even hundreds of years.

    You can find a wealth of information on the balls sold by Fushigi by doing a web search for “contact balls”, “acrylic balls” and “contact juggling”. If you want to know more about this art form, this is an easy way to connect with the vast community that has formed over the past 15 years.

    Here is an article on Fushigi and its relationship to contact juggling:

  • bob

    I have seen the camerciols saying no strings and they are telling the truth and they say that they made up but they did not that ball was made long ago and they probally knew that. So they decided to make their own name for the ball (Fushigi).

    • Kenny

      After looking at the Fushigiball.com site, I realize that they do refer to it as contact juggling throughout their materials. I don’t think that they are trying to take credit. I think that they made a new ball for a skill that most people have not been exposed to. Now they are trying to get more people exposed to it because they are selling the most affordable ball with a DVD. Good marketing.
      Everybody needs a brand name, why not something in another language that will get people’s attention?
      Except the word “Fushigi” is already closely tied to a popular japanese animation series. Poor marketing.

      • bettys

        luke, it’s no secret, they don’t levitate, they merely give the illusion—that’s the whole gimmick/ marketing ploy behind this cool toy. The good part is these toys are becoming extremely popular, and kids are learning about gravity or what some are calling,”ANTI-GRAVITY,” as a result.I could go on and on and on…

    • luke

      but whats the secret that makes them levitate

      • Jeff

        the contact juggler is the secret

      • theres an anti-gravity nano-ani-partical (itsy bitsy really tini tiny) in every one – but u dont need much – If you put more than one in one of the balls it would pull you up into space if you hung onto it!!! This technology is new and because of the super collider, they have the technology to make the anti-gravity particles now. The aliens have had this technology for millions of years but it wasnt until we shot down there UFOs that we got the information and we reverse engineered the UFOs we got from them.

    • Linerd

      what was the other ball that is jst like the fushigi ball?

      • Keb

        An acrylic contact juggling ball is the main type of ball used for contact juggling. You can also find steel balls, wooden balls, and use other kinds of balls. One of the first balls I used for contact juggling was an orange!

        The fushigi ball does have a unique look, but anything it can do can be done with other balls as well.

      • mason

        whats the secret of the ball how does it work

      • Linerd,
        I have found a few different kids of ‘majic’ floating type balls on Ebay. Theres a ZERO G FORCE ANTI GRAVITY SOCCER BALL NEW SPINS IN AIR and several others but as far as the “FUSHIGI” There is nada

  • sadiyah

    fushigi is awesome!when i saw the commercial, i was amazed plus i want fushigi instead of watching tv.some people say that fushigi is fake but iv seen fushigi a long time in the commercial and i at least want to try fushigi myself and try different things with the new majic gravity ball, Fushigi!!!!! i love fushigi!!!!!!!its cool!!!!!its awesome!!!!!!! its magical too!!!!!!! welllllllllllllll byyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee!

    • milly

      what i cant under stand you

      • Grant

        “people say that fushigi is fake but iv seen fushigi a long time in the commercial”

    • Grant


  • renae

    is it worth buying ???

    • lisa keating

      for a 8yr old? could they fiqure out how to use it?

      • TANYA


    • caleb

      this ball is simply increnible!!!!!!!!!!when i saw the commercial i was mesmorized!!!it is totaly worth buying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • sofia

        i beleave you.im going to buy one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Nina

        You can contact juggle with almost any ball, as long as it has no marks on it and its heavy. Youre wasting your money on this piece of shit.

    • this ball is incredible!!!!!!when i saw the commercial i was mesmorized!!!!!!!!!!!it is totaly worth buying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • briget

      dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its cool

  • Troy

    It would seem the the person named bob who left a comment has difficulty with the english language and he might wish to quit smoking crack so he can learn to spell

    • Olivia

      I do think bob should take grammar, capitalization, and spelling into consideration. It might help some day. Especially if you want to hold down a job.

  • The fushigi ball is cool ad it is in glow in the dark and they have mini ones

  • Vin

    A little less ball gravity would be nice.

  • jakob

    fushigi ball looks awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ordered and im waiting I’v been waiting for 3 weeks and 2 days I still think its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • tristen remedies

      How long did it take to get to your house. ps fushigi my nigi!

      • hey i want one that looks fun my uncle mite buy me one

  • lee

    what is the #for the fushigi ball?

    • brandon

      800-374-3084 is the number to call to order one?????

      • Kaysha


  • Magen

    My first thought: David Bowir in Labyrinth.

    • Lol. Me too.

    • Klipple

      Because thats what it is, Fushigi just branded it. Its actually called Contact Juggling.

  • Magen


  • butters

    does any one know the science behind the fishisi ball if not dont buy it because u dont know what it is

    • BoB


    • Klipple

      There IS no science to it. Its just a ball that Fushigi makes look like it has powers.

  • Kaysha

    They should make a REAL ball that actually DOES defy gravity and float.

  • Shane

    It reminded me of one of those toy commercials you see as a kid and you badger the parents because you have to have one; only to get it and be done with it a week later.

    • John

      Yeh but I wont one!

  • adam

    dose it work

  • BoB

    Dose this toy work, and how long dose it tack to get if you order it?


  • Tintopus

    I really want one. NO WAY YOU SUCKERS GONNA STOP ME, YOU FUSHIGI HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Kaysha & Shane)

  • Dee

    Loved the adds-ordered one-have been waiting 3 weeks and today got notification that it has been shipped so another 2 weeks to wait-my son has already lost interest and we haven’t even got thee ball

  • jo

    I think fushigi is awsome i orderd one an when i got it i opened the box and i picked it up i thought it was amazing better than all my cj balls only bad thing is that it takes so long to ship
    (but that is expected due to they get 10,000 orders a day)

  • Kelly

    I ordered one for my sons birthday. I had no idea it was going to take so long to ship. His birthday is in less than 2 weeks. I am a little bummed. 🙁

  • joe reffitt


  • Solara

    My assumption after reading all of the comments……The average person leaving a comment is either ignorant, uneducated, or just plain stupid…I guarantee 75% are male and fully immersed in DQ or Dungeons… I envision a male 20 something smoking a bowl… playing with the Fushigi…watching anime…..all while living in mommys basement….UUUGGGHHH!!!!!

    • Beth

      LOL..that was great!

    • Tanner

      i love your thoughts you are right!! sounds like most kids at my school are already doin half of this stuff lol i sure hope im not like that when im older haha (:

  • is it easy to master and does it really float

  • Scott

    In the movie “Labrynth”, David Bowie did not do the juggling. There was a person standing behind him with ‘his’ hands coming through Bowies coat from the back. In one of the shots in the movie, you can kinda tell because it makes his body look much wider. I some a special about this particular juggler and I think his was something different than this fushigi ball, This guy was an amazing juggler. There has to be something different with the fushigi ball, because I have trei to immitate the crystal ball juggling since first seeing the movie Labrynth. I am confident to say that I am a pretty coordinated person, but i couldn’t pull off those movre fery well.

  • Maya

    AMAZING AHHHHHHHHHHHHH i dreamed for one i asked my parents cause i thought of one before

  • abigail

    i love fushigi its aswesome its incredible

  • LyLy

    I fushigi wid boobies. It really do work.

  • mary

    i really want this ball that supposivly “floats”. i will be really disipointed if it doesn ‘t work. I am sooooooooooooooo exsited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Solara

      I will be really excited when you learn how to spell!!!!!

  • kristin

    who is the creator of fushigi??

  • Steve

    I have one and it’s not bad. However, the prime difference between me and many of the comments here is, I actually knew what I was getting into before I made the purchase. Contact juggling is like playing guitar, and as a guitarist, I can tell you, it takes many years to even be half respected in the community. I understand the vitriol from real contact jugglers over this product due to the marketing techniques and how it makes people (see above) think they can do any of this in a quick amount of time and they are right for that. Regardless, it is a fun investment for anybody that is willing to put in the time. The ball isn’t terrible (providing the inner chrome sphere is centered properly) and the accompanying DVD isn’t bad either (although there are much better out there).

    If you don’t want to wait for a ball to arrive and have a Bed, Bath & Beyond, or Walgreen’s close by, sure, pick this up. If you don’t, you’d serve yourself better to hit contactjuggling.org (you should do this even if you buy the Fushigi) for advice on what ball to buy and where to get it.

  • Ed

    To summarize, the ball itself does not use electricity, magnetism, anti-gravitons, or magic. YOU supply the “magic” by learning how do to a relatively new kind of juggling called contact juggling.

    The ads make it seem like it’s not hard to make the ball appear to float in little time, but the people posting here who are familiar with it have a different story. You need to invest some time to get anything out of it. To the extent that it teaches kids concentration and perserverence and gets them away from texting, cell phones, war gaming, etc., I think it’s a good thing. (Unfortunately, it doesn’t involve much physical exercise. If someone could come up with a smash hit game that involved exercise, that person should get the Nobel Prize in Public Health!)

    The risk is that it ends up permanently in the closet after a week. My advice – wait until after Christmas and get it for less!

    • Samantha

      lots of good points, Ed. And you should go for the Nobel Prize!

  • anysa

    my aunt says that they just hold it in their hands the whole time.my little cousin got it.. but,idk if hes opened it yet…

  • Kevin

    EVERYBODY…. THIS IS A BALL… IT DOES NOTHING MORE THAN AN ORANGE…. it is extremely hard to do and will take months to get the raw basics down, let alone getting everything smooth looking, otherwise it look like ur just playing with ball… DONT BUY IT UNLESS YOU ALREADY CAN CONTACT JUGGLE… BUY AN ORANGE AND SAVE 19 DOLLARS

  • Rhenje

    its amazing i want to buy it but we dont have money i will wait christmas and i want the gift of santa is fushigi gravity ball