Happy Fathers Day

Fathers play a really important role for us here at Cool TV Offers. They are the inventors of the as seen on TV products that we chat about, they buy the as seen on TV products, and they are the driving force behind our validation-seeking female buyers. We couldn’t possibly ask more of Fathers! 馃檪 […]

HAIR WARS! AJ Khubani V.S. Donald Trump

Some dudes were just born with naturally stunning features. Some have smiles that melt hearts, others seem to have been delivered from the womb with chiseled abs and biceps to match, but there is a much more elite group, a group that combines all of the previously mentioned features, nay, more; a group that we […]

Billy Mays Body Slams Vince Shlomi

Bwahahaha. We were just over at browsing around and we ran across this awesome animated .gif. Props to the person who put this together. P.S. If you want to learn more about Billy Mays, or Vince check out our pitchmen biographies page.

Happy New Years!

We were going to do something really cool, like buy everyone in our audience brand new cars, but instead, we decided to draw you this picture! Well, as if you didn’t already know, the title of this post shows how far behind we are (12 days to be precise). We have had it on our […]

Blockbuster Gets Desperate. Starts Selling As Seen On TV Products.

You know that one movie store? Yeah, the one that sells movies? Blockbuster? Well, we were out and about last night trying to find a movie to entertain ourselves with and we noticed something a bit odd. Blockbuster selling As Seen On TV Products? Hmmm… maybe their financial outlook is a bit more grim than […]

10 Terrible As Seen On TV Products (The Bad Side of As Seen On TV)

You know, we love the As Seen On TV industry. There is nothing quite like the sound of Billy Mays’ voice screaming at the top of his lungs in the middle of your living room at 1:00 AM. Billy has now passed, rest his soul, but there are still hundreds of inventions going to market […]