Schticky Roller Wins the Michigan GOP Primary [Comedy]

Yes, on occasion, I find the time in my busy schedule to watch Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show. I nearly died when The Schticky made the opening scene… Check it out!

7 Warning Signs That Your Dog Needs A Crazy Critter

It’s no secret that if you dog is bored, he will find something to entertain himself with. If that “something” just happens to be a toy – great – but what if it’s not? What if your furry pal is bored with his toys, or worse, he doesn’t have any? Well, then, you may end […]

Happy Holidays 2011!

Just dropping in to wish all of our fans Happy Holidays! It’s been a great year & Christmas is a wonderful time to reflect on all the fun times & awesome as seen on tv products that have been released over the last 12 months. From Bake Pops to the Magic Jack Plus, this year […]

Cool TV Offers Twitter Background Updated

If you’re not following us on Twitter yet, click here and get on it! We just updated our twitter page background image and feel that it reflects the true backbone of our little as seen on TV website. Go check it out and let us know what you think. We’ve just been busy updating our site, […]

Happy Anti-Labor Day!!!

Hey Everyone in As Seen On TV Land – Happy anti-labor day! The day that we all celebrate how awesome it is not to have to work. Or the day that we celebrate how lucky we are to still have jobs. :/ If you’re working, first of all, shame on you. Secondly, we’re glad that […]

Mr. Heel Tastic (Featuring Testimonials)

Ohhh, the things we cook up on Friday afternoons around Cool TV Offers HQ. Since Heel Tastic is still one of our most popular, and highest rated products, we decided to make a little skit. Maybe it’s more for our entertainment than for yours. In any case, happy Friday, and enjoy . . . Silliness […]

Hawaii Chair . . . Good Grief

Some products . . . how do they even make it to market? Maybe just for us to make fun of?

Tiddy Bear – Best Infomercial Ever

Here’s an amusing infomercial for you to kick off your weekend with. Introducing: The Tiddy Bear! With the obvious reference to … well … you know what I mean, it’s a surprise they ever let this infomercial ever air on national television. Sexual references and joking aside, the Tiddy Bear actually looks like it does […]

10 Worst Infomercials

I remember some of these from when I was a kid. haha. Check ’em out! My favorites: Mr. Microphone and the smokeless ash tray. What do you think of these?


Just want to wish all of you a Happy Fourth of July from us here at! Have fun, be safe, and for heavens sake, put the garden tools down for a minute and go spend some time lighting fireworks and BBQ’ing with the family. Life’s short. Go have some fun! Nothing more random than […]