Pitchmen Season 2 Ep 1. Parts 4, 5, & 6

Did you already read part 1 of our episode 1 Pitchmen Season 2 liveblogging writeup? How about parts 2 and 3? Yes? Well, read some more then!

Fourth Segment

The fourth segment of the Pitchmen Season Premiere says David Missell invented the flash light in the late 1800s. Sully talks about the newly redesigned Hex Light. He says it went back to the design firm and came back as a Tri Light not a Hex Light. No one is happy with the new design. Three of the panel and inventor discuss Hex/Tri Light demo and development. It’s now redesigned back to 6 lights. The inventor says it’s perfect now, as redesigned by Telebrands. They will shoot a commercial for it.

They are in the basement of Casa Sullivan shooting the HexLight commercial. They will show consumer its many uses.  Anthony Sullivan directs the action. The inventor is starring in the commercial. He says it’s exciting. Sully says that the new flash light is terrific and exciting, as well. Sully and A.J. Khubani will take Hex Light into production. Upcoming segment will show Sully preparing to test Cold Fire by being set on fire.

Fifth Segment

The fifth segment of Pitchmen Season Premiere continues with the Hex Light shoot. Now they will test Cold Fire as well. Sully says they will do it under fire department supervision. He worries about getting burned. He’s nervous and excited and says it had better work. All of them talk about shooting the demo. The ColdFire inventor is very nervous. They put Cold Fire in larger containers like fire extinguishers. The stunt burn and how it will go down, is illustrated. They will put protective clothing on Anthony Sullivan. They say this is the most dangerous infommercial in history.
Sully dons Kevlar suits. He’s coated in fire retardant gel in layers. Sully says his mum would freak out. He says the gel in many layers is really cold. He can only be on fire for 20 seconds before the Kevlar would melt. Sully says he is very confident in Cold Fire. They isolate him and then set his back on fire. They use Cold Fire on his back as he lays down. The flames are all extinguished in a few seconds. Folks say they’d love to have ColdFire in their homes and everywhere. Inventor’s dad who thought of Cold Fire had said that if he could save lives he’d be happy.

Sixth Segment

The sixth segment of Pitchmen Season Premiere recaps the Hex Light and Cold Fire campaigns and test markets. The Hex Light inventor waits anxiously for results. Sully goes in to see Eric the HexLight inventor. He tells Eric that he has a winner. Eric cries because he has a lot of debt. He says it’s amazing, and footage shows marketing video. It should make over three million dollars soon.  Anthony Sullivan is flying to new Jersey and to give the inventor his Cold Fire results. He tells Ray, inventor of Cold Fire, about results. Sully says is great news. The commercial for Cold Fire is doing great. Ray has fulfilled his father’s dream of saving lives. ColdFire approaches the million dollar mark in three weeks.

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