Pitchmen Season 2 Ep 1. Parts 2 & 3

If you already read and enjoyed part 1 of our Pitchmen Season 2 premier writeup, you’re going to love parts two and three! Read below:

On Pitchmen Season Premiere part 2, Sully returns to his office. Cold Fire (fire extinguisher in a can), is shown. Sully says prevention doesn’t sell in his opinion and experience. A regular fire extinguisher is brought in case the demo goes awry. The inventor sprays his own arm then lights it with butane torch. Cold Fire graphics are shown. This product works by creating endothermic reaction when it hits flames. The panel says “impressive”. The inventor’s father created this product and he had fought raging oil fires in Kuwait. Cold Fire types are shown in cans. The inventor’s son is trying to market Cold Fire by himself. Sully is going to try Cold Fire. They spray his arm. Then they use a butane torch on his arm. Sully says he can feel warmth but no burn. The panel says that the demo is impressive. They will take a chance and in the next segment, there will be a test of it. The Hex Light was redesigned and now looks like a bumblebee, someone says.

The third segment of Pitchmen Season Premiere shows Sully and the Hex Light and testing it in the dark and talking about it. He loves it. He says, if you’re digging a hole it’s great. One 9V battery powers 6 LEDs and they last for 11 years of continuous light. Sully moves around in the dark wearing a Hex Light. He says he may not even need to run focus group on Hex Light because he thinks it’s so good. A newly redesigned Hex Light is brought back to Sully. Telebrands redesigned it. Sully doesn’t like the new design, though. He will test Cold Fire using firefighters. A firefighter says that the can is too small for a regular fire. Others say it’s too small as well.

A grease fire is started in a pan. They spray Cold Fire in it and it goes out. All say it’s impressive. They start a mattress fire and a recliner fire as well. They use one can and it’s out They try it on a Xmas tree. It works. They are very impressed. They saw people would use at home if they had it. They give it a ten and over, on a 1 to 10 scale. It could sell for $25 all say. Good stuff, say firefighters. Sully tells inventor it’s a hit. He’s in, he says. Sully says he’ll set himself on fire to demo it.

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  • Not Sully @ As Seen on TV Life

    If you’ve ever gotten to see the Cold Fire demonstration live, it’s killer. We got to see it during the trade show circuit in 2009.